Wicked, the play


Sara Hiner writes, The actors and actresses amazing ability to dance…

The actors and actresses amazing ability to dance, sing and act made the audience never want the play, ‘Wicked,’ to end. Based upon the novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked is the story behind The Wizard of Oz. It makes you wonder if Elphaba, the supposedly, ‘wicked witch of the west,’ is really evil, or was just misjudged. The cast had powerful voices, ‘wicked’ dance moves, outstanding costumes, and lots of green make-up. Additionally, this cast has had lots of experience on Broadway. Even though my seats were far away from the stage, I was able to rent binoculars for $5 a piece to make the show more enjoyable. For Ages 7 and up because it has some bone tingling special effects, it is pretty long and may be a little confusing for ages 7 and up.


    I LOVED THIS MUSICAL! When i saw it I couldn’t stop singing the songs. My favorite is Popular. Your article is very well written because you talked about what it’s like with out giving it away

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