A New Home


Gabi Curry writes, Can you imagine living in a one-room house made of trash…

Can you imagine living in a one-room house made of trash, cardboard, old tires, and anything that you can find on the street? There is no electricity or indoor plumbing. Would you be able to live in a house that is too hot to stay in during the day with temperatures ranging from 9 degrees in the winter to over 120 degrees in the summer? There are many people in Juarez, Mexico who are living in these conditions and are not getting much help. That is why I went on a trip to help one of the many families in need of a good home. When you go to Juarez many of the people that you meet will amaze you and change your life forever. It was time to get down and get dirty. Jesus, the bus driverconstruction worker told us to start nailing on the X’s and we did. He then said to start going down a line with nails and we did. Before we knew it we were putting the walls up in only about two and a-half hours, it was amazing. Suddenly, the roof was going on. The one way to describe it is that I basically went to tie my shoe and there before me was a house that I helped to build. It was amazing to see 19 people with hammers and not a lot of skills build an entire house in hours. The following day we were hammering the roof and then we putting tar on the roof. Next, we put insulation inside the house, then dry wall, it was going so fast but there were still many small tasks to take care of. We had to do touch ups on the paint, handle the family’s ecstatic children, and finish the dry walling. While we were enjoying the children, Bill an instructor announced that it was time for the house dedication ceremony. With all of the help that we got from everyone we got this house finished. This house is a part of the family; it will keep the family warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Right now they are enjoying their new home. Although water is scarce, and they don’t have all of the things that they need they are truly one happy family.