When I Came Home


Gabi Curry writes, My name is Gabi Curry and this is my story of how one thing can make you look at the world in a new way.

My name is Gabi Curry and this is my story of how one thing can make you look at the world in a new way. I was playing at my friend’s house when my mom called and told me to come home. It was four o-clock and I eat dinner around 6:00. I wondered why she wanted me to come home so early. When I got home my whole family was sitting in the family room. I felt that something was wrong. It was light outside but there was a sense of darkness in the room. Then I sat down and my mom and dad said that my mom had been coughing a lot. My mom went to the doctor. She told us that the doctor said that they thought she had Breast Cancer. My brother was stunned just sitting there and doing nothing while my sister and I broke out in tears. I thought that the whole world had been turned upside down, or just our house. From then on I was having trouble in school because it was glued in my mind. Nothing could get it out. I had to go and see a therapist. She gave me exercises that I could use when I was having trouble with my mom. She helped me through tough times. But it was not enough, by the time my mom’s next surgery came I felt that it was never going to end. My life was unpredictable. Since my mom’s cancer I have gotten a lot stronger and just want cancer to stop. When I saw people causually looking at my mom I thought that our family was different. It hurt for people to look at her and probably have many questions for her. The only thing that I really wanted was for her not have to worry about another surgery. I wanted her to enjoy her family and friends and be fine and not in pain. When my mom went into surgery I wanted to be by her side so much that I wanted to yell it is going to be alright to the world. I had to go to school a lot of times when my mom was in surgery and when I came home and saw her in pain from were the surgery was I almost cried. But my family and my friends were by my side. When I see someone that is bald or looks like they have cancer I just want to say that I have been where you are and it is going to all work out. This has changed my life because now I understand that many different people have a family that loves them and get a disease and it is hard to handle and I know that lots of people have many different pains.That is how Breast Cancer has changed my life. It has been two years since my mom’s cancer disgnosis – her hair has grown back and our life is great!