Dream or Reality


Danielle Turner writes, Dream or RealityBy: Danielle TurnerAs the wind and thunder shook the sky…

Dream or RealityBy: Danielle TurnerAs the wind and thunder shook the sky, lightning struck thick into the ground, the rain poured hard, making many puddles within the ground. As the ground shook, the old rickety house was shaken like a hard earth quake had hit with no warning!The people whom lived in the house stayed as still as they could in the lonely sound of the basement. Moans and groans came loudly from the floor which was cracking and breaking above them.The boards dipped, swayed, and bent in more and more. Crows cawed and birds screeched outside in the blustery storm. Trees were bending and caving in on the destroyed house. With a big snap and moan against the floors above came crashing to the basement floor was a tree. The branches and trunk big and huge that then left the family in one spot trapped in the basement.The floor boards above came caving in and crashed down on the family, left in an area where only one could stand. Huddling together the air became frost. The family was left with only each other trapped and left to die on that night. They were frost bitten and tired and cut from jagged pieces of wood. A black figure swept down into the night, raced to suffering family and all was done. Silent, the house was put back together, the air was fine and everything was the way the family had left it, but only one thing was missing, THE FAMILY! As the black figure appeared, the family was up and gone. And they were never seen again!4 YEARS LATERMom had finally parked the car, in….. in…. in front of……. Of……of THAT! What a mess, an ugly dump, NO! She couldn’t have bought this! I’M DOOMMED! I thought.Getting out, she yelled at me, ” Dani, come help me with these boxes, it’s important. NOW!” I got out of the car and grabbed a box, walking up to the house, the door just opened with a large MOAN! It must be automatic, I thought. ” Where do you want the box, Mom?” I questioned from inside.”Anywhere, it is yours,” she said.My mom and I weren’t getting along to well, moving here was her idea to start over, WAY OVER! I never agreed to it but she’s the boss.As I dragged the box upstairs, I saw a major big field; I think it was supposed to be the backyard. Next minute I knew, my mom was behind me.”So, do you like it? I know it’s sudden but, you’ll get used to it.”I turned toward her, “It’s fine,” I said.Walking down a hallway, I saw a room with a really nice view; you looked over into the mountains with dark green pines and beautiful rivers and lakes.” I want this one!” I shouted. But yet she payed no attention. Mom was across the hall unpacking her things. Well I guess it’s mine then, I thought. After my stuff was unpacked, the next day, I decided to explore the house.The next floor, there was a bathroom, a guest room, a closet and a kitchen. A KITCHEN? Now, what is a kitchen doing on the third floor of the house, when we have one down on the first floor, I thought. Oh well. And I moved on.On the fourth floor there was a living area and one downstairs too. Could this have been a two family home, I wondered. Also, the fourth floor had a bathroom, a room, a closet, and kitchen. HOW WEIRD!!I had finally had enough and went down to the main quarters, also the first floor, for breakfast with my mom. The things were set and man I finally heard her say, DIG IN!!! Pancakes, eggs, sausage, and syrup, WOW!!!! I never knew she could cook.”We’re going to town now, are you ready?” Mom called from the driveway. I ran downstairs and hopped into the car. Then it was time to take off! In town we met many people, like Jessy and Allie, some girls that live in town. There were also some restraunts and some stores but not much stuff, since it was a small town, there was just enough stuff to do.Later, we headed back to the house and something was different, trees were growing in the field out back. As I was staring, Mom said, “Oh yah! They’re growing already!””You mean you planted these. And when and why and you and gardening and ….. and…… HUH?” All of a sudden the trees starting growing and growing and soon they were HUMUNGIOS!I’ve never seen anything like it! Mom was so happy, and me well I was only had my head spin. I mean, trees growing as fast as a soap-box derby car, I mean come on! This so can’t be happening.I rushed up to my room so quickly that the dust went flying in a million little pieces all over the room. That is so wrong, this is so weird. I climbed out my bedroom window and found the trees, real and solid, and REAL! A man came out from behind the tree, “Well howdy, miss, you must be part of that new family that moved into this here house.””Well yes sir but I must get going. I have to.. to .. to….. GET OUT OF HERE!!!! I ran far and farther until I came to the beginning of town, breathing heavily, I went into a shop. “Do you have anything that I could ride to get out of here? Like right now!!!” I asked. The man said nothing so I just left and walked my way through the town to get away. One hour later, I was back! NO!!! The house was not part of town and the road was straight the whole entire way, there is no way I could have walked in a circle. Why is this going on, Am I insane, I wondered.My mom was out in the yard sitting, I wanted to tell her that I wanted to leave, but she would just tell me to relax, you just have to get used to it. I told her anyway and by golly I WAS RIGHT.”But, Mom. You have to believe me it isn’t safe here, I will never get used to it, and if you don’t take me home, then I’ll run away and I’ll take the car so………” But I never got to finish because….”You can’t get out of this place,” said the man that was behind the tree, walking closer and closer to us. “I’m Joe and I’ve been trying to get out of this place for 6 years and just can’t.”I grabbed the car keys and drove and drove away, but I was back and back again. He was right but I didn’t trust him. I finally parked the car and got out, went to my room and got a flash light. Well maybe the secret to this place is in the basement, I thought. I went down to the basement and only found a black shadow running around. I didn’t know what it was and…..As the car hit a large bump and the breaks screeched I awoke.”We’re here,” Mom said as we pulled up to the rickety old house. ” WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled.1 YEAR LATERMom and I went down to the basement to get some things. And then we heard a crack, and loud one. The floors above us moaned and screeched and then a large tree came crashing down on us and trapped us in, the floor boards above came shattering down and scratching us up very badly. The air next became frost and a black figure knocked over Joe who was holding a large butcher knife and walking toward them, then the black figure swept down and swept up my mom and me. When we were put down we were back in our old house and just setting up the moving truck, when we both heard a voice say, ” Starting over is no reason to move, I can’t save you again.”Mom then began grabbing boxes and taking them out of the moving truck. “We’re not moving!” she said.And before we knew it our starting over had already begun and we got along just fine. So I might have dreamed the future, and been carried away by a black figure, but it was all worth it to get along with my mom.