Leaves Of Three, Leave Them Be


Ryan Mellin writes, In Colorado there is one plant you should avoid.

In Colorado there is one plant you should avoid. The plant’s name is Poison Ivy.Poison Ivy’s trick is Urushiol which is what gives you the rash. Poison Ivy blends in with all its surroundings, but the way to identify it is to look for a plant that has red stems and has three leaves on the end of each stem. It covers the ground and can reach the height of your knee. Thin brown aerial roots can allow it to grow upward on rocks and trees.During the summer Poison Ivy leaves are bright green and in the fall they turn red. They usually turn red before other plants so they really stand out. Poison Ivy also grows berries. The berries eventually dry up and flake off to spread the seeds which are inside.I saw Poison Ivy with my own two eyes on July 6 during a Boy Scout nature hike at Magness Adventure Camp, which is a couple miles south of Elbert, Colorado.My Boy Scout leader pointed out the Poison Ivy so no one would touch it or get it on their clothes or shoes. While were at that spot on our hike he explained that even if you get the Urushiol on your clothes and then touch it on your clothes, it can still cause problems.