My Redstone Vacation


Lindsey Folcik writes, This weekend, my family went up to a small mountain town called Redstone.

This weekend, my family went up to a small mountain town called Redstone. It was really fun. We stayed in a hotel that was over 100 years old! It was a miners town in the twentieth century that now only has 92 actual residents, the rest are vacationers and tourists. The town is really only made up of some small stores like the Redstone General Store, some houses, and the Redstone Inn. Even though it was kind of remote and small, it was really beautiful up there.We learned a lot about the history of Redstone. It was created by John Cleveland Osgood as part of a sociological (whatever that means) experiment to find out if miners would be more productive if they had decent housing and medical care, etc. So Osgood created Redstone with 84 cottages, and a 40 room inn, all complete with a clubhouse with a library and theatre, indoor plumbing and electricity, and a school. He also built a huge house for himself called “Cleveholm Manor,” now called Redstone Castle. It took 3 years and 2.5 million dollars to build. Now all this is just part of the history.We did a lot of fun things while we were there. One day we went horse-back riding at Chair Mountain Stables. We also went to a nearby town called Marble, where we went on a hike up to the marble quarry. That’s the same marble quarry that provided the marble for the Lincoln Memorial. We toured the Redstone Castle and swam in the Inn’s pool! It was a short vacation, but I had a lot of fun there. Redstone is defiantly a place that I want to go again.


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