The Ghost of 10:15


Zoe Dinneen writes, By Zoë DinneenIntroduction-February 15…

By Zoë DinneenIntroduction-February 15, 1650 The cunning wind tugged at the sail of Cecelia and her father’s 29-foot sailboat they were sailing to America from Italy. The gloomy sky fell a dark violet as the sun was swallowed by a small island ahead. As the sky turned black, the wind peaked around 60 mph, and the clouds began to cry. The rain pelted against the gray sail, and a 10-foot wave crashed against their boat breaking off a loose board on the side of it, flooding the cabinwith water. The sky whipped its mighty whip and the wind galloped forward at top speed. The boat almost tipped. Cecelia gasped and jumped under the deck into the cabinwhich was fillingwater. As she stepped down the maple steps her boot slipped and she fell into the water. Her neck snapped, as she hit the wood step, grasping the pearl treasure that her mother gave to her as a gift. The wire of the necklace broke and the jewelry slipped out of the hole in the boat. Up top, the wind pulled the mast off the boat and drove Cecelia’s father and his boat into the rocks. The two bodies floated hopelessly and without struggle off the shore of Peddock’s Island. ************************************** Fifty years later Captain Jonathon A. Pardon and a large crew of 20 came from Ireland to America to find a better life, but that night they didn’t make it to America. That night, Jonathon and eight others sailed their boat the “Green Potato” into Boston harbor while the other 12 were sleeping. The wind was light that night and the moon was full. At about 10:15 pm, the same time Cecelia’s boat sank, they saw the phantom of Cecelia’s boat sailing along side with them. They stared astonished at the old decayed boat beside them, with no one steering it. As they rubbed their eyes the ghost ship disappeared. A sudden drop in temperature left them shivering. Out of the dark appeared Cecelia. Her face was bleach white, and there was a large cut on her head and blood all over her face. The men tried to scream, but nothing but a low moan came out. “I am Cecelia’s ghost! And I know what you want! You won’t find it!” The darkness absorbed her image. Before the men could do anything the ship jolted forward towards the rocks. Water flooded the ship and the crew sunk helplessly into the icy depth. There were no survivors. ***************************************** Three months later A large trade ship from West Africa was traveling towards Boston carrying cotton and bananas. Egdbe Motumba, captain of the ship, ordered them to travel closer to Peddock’s because of a shipwreck 200 yards off shore they needed to avoid. That night the wind was light and the moon was full. Egdbe had heard of what had happened to the “Green Potato,” but paid no attention to it because he didn’t believe in ghosts. He should have. The whole crew worked that night, all 50 of them. There were several reports of a small ghost girl with a white face and a cut on her cheek chanting, “I know what you want, and IF YOU DON’T LEAVE, YOU WILL SUFFER A VERY PAINFUL DEATH!” The crew stopped, eagerly wondering what Egdbe would do. But he laughed and sent them back to work. At 10:15 pm, the same time Cecelia’s boat sunk, one man went missing. One by one the workers went missing, until Egdbe was the only one left.He sat down on the deck and started laughing, “Oh, crew you got me! You win, come out and get back to work!” No one came. “Come on, I mean it!” a low moan came from the lower deck. “Guys, you know I mean it, if you don’t stop this, I’ll throw you over board!” Another moan came from below the ship.He dashed down the steps angrily looking for his “playful” crew. “San’Jay, you worthless piece of,” San’Jay turned to Egdbe. “You? You? What? What the…What happened…?” San’Jay’s head was black and blue and was bleeding profusely and his eyes were glowing green.”I am Cecelia’s ghost!””No you’re San’Jay! Cut it out I mean…Cecelia? Who is…?””Shut up fool! You didn’t listen to your crew and everyone had to suffer,” shouted the ghost, who had taken over San’Jay’s unconscious body.”San’Jay…are you dead?””Yes, like the rest of the crew,” she answer ominously. Egdbe’s eyes beamed with remorse and his heart sank as he gazed at the desolate deck. San’Jay dropped to the ground and Cecelia’s small body appeared.”Good Bye, Egdbe.” Her image dissolved into the darkness.A giant squid shattered the calm sea, and snatched Egdbe and took him down to the depths. The crew was never seen again. **************************************************** Twenty years laterJacque Louis (a cartographer) from France traveled to America to find a job as a map maker. He found a small shop called “Legend Makers” and was hired. His first assignment was to map out Peddock’s Island. He rowed to the island in a rowboat with his coworker Paul Brown. They ran the boat on the shore and started to explore. As soon as the stepped on the beach a thick fog smothered the island and a cool breeze dominated the warm day. By the time they found a dry and clear spot in the ocean of thick vegetation and set up camp, it was 9:50 pm. That night the wind was light and the moon was full. Jacque took out his sketches and started to sketch. At 10:15, the same time Cecelia’s boat sank, Jacque’s pen wiggled out of his hand and started writing:”Iknow what you want so get out of here or the people you love will Suffer! “Jacque looked up serenely adjusting his glasses. He had had experiences with ghosts before and wasn’t bothered. He settled down by the fire and fell asleep.”Jacque, Jacque!!! You worthless pig wake up!””What the…our maps? What happened…oh god…a day of work gone!?! No!” he examined the half drawn sketch, in bold letters was:LEAVE”That’s odd…huh…Jacque” Jacque got up and started to explore and sketch, still not bothered. Nothing happened to exciting that day…except that Jacque found an old diary by the water.Only one page was dry and not totally ruined, but a few words and letters were missing. Jacque skimmed through it and put it with his things. Jacque told Paul about his findings. Jacque set up the fire but when he went to light it, he saw a message written to him in fire: This is your last warning! If you don’t leave something bad is going to happen.Paul shuttered as a cold, ghostly finger tickled his spine.”Everything is ok Paul.” Jacque turned over and fell asleep, still not worrying. He should have been.The next morning Paul was dead in his tent.Something clicked in Jacque’s head and he rushed to his tent and found the diary. He read through the entry and rushed to the water. “My treasure lies beneath the icy depths,” he repeated to himself as he jumped into the water. The cold seaweed tugged at his heels and for the first time he saw the ghost, her hair dancing with the waves. He reached down and grabbed her treasured necklace and doggy paddled to shore. He ran around the shore looking for a perfect rock. Cecelia rose out of the water and started to spin around, her eyes went white and a hurricane formed. Finally, Jacque found a perfect white rock and began frantically writing on it: R. I. PCecelia SinerelliJan. 18, 1640 – February 15, 1650He stuck the stone in the ground and draped the necklace over it. Cecelia smiled and her revengeful, damaged face turned as beautiful as an angel’s and she went into the light.