What Israel Means To Me


Sylvie N. writes, A paradise for hope…

A paradise for hope, A blessing from the stars, The life of Israel, Remains in the golden dreams of the people, I wished upon a piece of love, To walk where my ancestors strolled in the warm weather, Promising auspicious feelings a place to relieve themselves, Lifting all unessecary stress, letting in the emotion for resting in Israel at last, The reassurance of the Kotel, standing strong all these years, And the utopia called Ein Gedi, sent from the angels above, I want the Jewish people to feel tranquility, Safe from all harm, This feeling may exist in the city of Jerusalem, But as soon as those boundries end, All war is felt and heard, But in my 1 small beating heart, My love for Israel cannot be any bigger, I WANT to walk along all of the holy places, And feel the sense of my forefather Abraham, While praying for my namesake, Sarah, Israel means 1 beautiful thing for me, And that one love is, Home.