A Day in the Life of a Journalist


Meimei Lang writes, You may think you need to be a great writer or a fast typer to become a Journalist.

You may think you need to be a great writer or a fast typer to become a Journalist. Thats what this journalism class is teaching us.You just need to be outgoing and brave enough to talk to people you dont know, and imaginative. You have to be ready for a change and ready to take on a challenge. Also journalists need to be prepared to drive long distances or go to another state for a news story. It sounds very fun taking pictures and writing up storys all the time. They must have a really fun time doing the stuff they do, but also some difficulty like when a story turns out to be nothing or there is no interesting events happening. We had great experiences getting to learn about journalism and getting to try what the real journalists get to do. Like interviewing people and going into workshops and conventions totake notes. Onewoman we interviewed, Jan McDonald, works from home on her computer to write teacher materials for serialized stories. What is a serialized story? Most ofus wanted to know. Jan told us that they are stories that she breaks up then puts parts of it in the newspaper and she gives a little more of the story each week. I for one had never ever seen a serialized story in any newspaper I have ever read so I asked her where they were placed in the newspaper. She told me they are usually in the kids section. I guess I had just always missed them. This course really showed me that there is a job out there for people who are ready for excitement and really want to be part of the news.