all about the gas prices


Gabi Curry writes, The differences in the peoples thoughts on the gas prices.

The differences in the peoples thoughts on the gas prices. Docado Kinney is from Ohio and an Ohio State Buckeye fan. He is a directive adviser that says, “The prices for gas are ridiculous. ” I asked him what would he do if he had his own gas station and he could do whatever he would like with the price he replied “I would go below the the regular gas price.” But on the other hand Janet Ludwig a Colorado adviser who is currently paying $25 a week for her gas is saying that the prices are too low. People in Europe are paying a lot more than we are and our prices should be higher.She said if she owned a gas station and there were no people that could stop her from lowering the gas price or raising it, she would double the gas price and because she thinks it is to low . A former IT manager for the Colorado Comunity College says and I quote “Don’t care.” If he had a gas buisness he said that he would not change the prices at all. Skylar Enns, a former student who is paying $25 a week felt that they are too high and would not know what to do with the price. Deidre Larsen who pays $75 for gas every week says that it is to high but if she had her own she would go higher than what she payed for the gas. And that is all about the gas prices.