Digital Connection of Today


Kelly Ragan writes, Chaos provides a medium to learning; through chaos comes the need to learn and therefore chaos is the creator of new…

Chaos provides a medium to learning; through chaos comes the need to learn and therefore chaos is the creator of new, better ideas.Stephan Kalmon spoke on Friday, July 27 about how technology is advancing and how it is affecting how students learn. Public education must advance with technology as a way of connecting with students and the younger generation, says Kalmon. The ways of blackboards and chalk are behind us. Today we use computers and projectors to get our point across. Technology is a major provider of connection, distributive knowledge, personal experience, and narrative experience. Using technology in a classroom can greatly improve the connection and distributive knowledge shared within the lesson. Culture is changing and schools need to change with it to keep up in order tokeep the students engaged and able to relate. Technology is rising at an exponential rate and is not stopping any time soon. Stephan Kalmon showed several predictions of how in the year 2029 technology might be so advanced that it might be difficult to distinguish when (with all of the new ways to enhance the senses, not to mention the human body as a whole) you stop becoming human and start being computer…or when computers stop being computers and start becoming a little toohuman-like. In the year 2029, it is predicted that computers will have the computation capability of all the human brains in the world without the human error part. To some, like Joellen Kopatich, the rate technology is increasing is a scary thought. However, Kopatich also believes that the changing technology can make classroom learning better, and that if balance is utilized, classroom teaching can become much more advanced. Jennifer Jolley was one of the many thatthought Kalmon’s speech was highly informative. One of the important things she learned was that it is essiential to keep up with the changes and that the technology of tomorrow will enhance the ways students are learning. There is no doubt that technology is becoming more and more relavant in today’s world, and there is no doubt that most of it can be benificial.