Kaleidoscope- Art is Truly in the Heart


As I enter the Kaleidoscope art exhibit at Arapahoe Community College, my feet quietly squish on the latte' colored carpet.

As I enter the Kaleidoscope art exhibit at Arapahoe Community College, my feet quietly squish on the latte' colored carpet. I walk from painting to painting across the W-shaped room, examining each one closely. Some look like the paint was carelessly splattered against the canvas; others are filled with so much grace and beauty that it takes your breath away. Want to know more? Then read on….


Mia Woody, the student and only worker at the art show, was born in North Carolina, and then moved from place to place on the Southeastern coast, and never saw snow in her life. She finally moved to Colorado, where her art career began. She started out with photography by wishing to do what her brother did- take pictures. Then, as she had children of her own, she helped them through art classes, and fell in love with the hobby. Soon, her horizons had broadened from photography to watercolors. She had become an artist. But enough on Mia for now, we will come back to her later. She herself did have some pictures in the art show, but not for sale. And speaking of pictures, well, they were not the only ones in the gallery, but they were certainly the majority. There were so many styles for many different people; sculpture, portrait, cartoon, realistic, and more. Some were colorful, others were dark and grey. The whole gallery was very neatly organized, but you couldn't look at one without the next one leading your eyes, or the next one, or the next one….The gallery contained a lot of plants, animals, and people. You would be hard-pressed to find one without, except for Dustin Ellinghoe, who did a variety of splatter art. They were all named with "Pinktown" such as: " The sun sets as I fall asleep at Pinktown" They are all just… paint. And paper.


There were also some very nice pictures there, beside the unusual ones. Katrina Bouldry, for instance, did two award-winning paintings that consisted of distorted pictures of birds, yet not in a gross way. Trish Malone was a comedy gal, as she had, " Here Kitty Kitty" Which was a little boy chasing a cat with a sledgehammer. And Pendants 1, 2, and 3 were definitely beautiful, almost like artifacts. Those were handcrafted by Randy Burns. And Colleen Waterous' "Dancing Flowers" Is a real treasure.


Back to Mia Woody. After a short interview with her, I learned a whole lot. Mia is very environment friendly, and hopes her photos can help make a difference in the world someday. She has many different cameras, (Well, what do you expect? She's an artist!) And, she prefers black and white photos to color ones. "But some," She says, "Some pictures are much better in color. Tulips, for instance, the stems distort the blacks and whites" When I asked her what her biggest pet peeve in photography was, she said: "I think the biggest thing that bugs me in photography is the density (Darkness) of the photo. Sometimes, you will take a picture and it will be JUST perfect, and then in develops and you find it is too dark, or has a glare, or big shadow. That is the bad side of photography" Her favorite picture in the Kaleidoscope show is " Bedroom Light" By Lisa Calzavara.


I thoroughly enjoyed this art show, and hope you do too. The show in all gets a PG rating, just because of some adult humor. The show is free, and it is located at Arapahoe Community College, 5900 S. Santa Fe drive, Littleton, Colorado, 80160-9002. The hours are: 12:00-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 5:00-7:00 Wednesday nights. The show ends August 17. But if you can't make it, the next show begins September 14, named, "Second Life" It will be mostly Paintings and Pottery. Please enjoy this exhibit, I know I did!