Koleidoscope: Color of the mind


Davis Anderson writes, Art is one of the creative ways that allows you to express yourself through materials like paper…

Art is one of the creative ways that allows you to express yourself through materials like paper, photos, color, and so much more. I was excited to see all the different works of art. One of the best parts about seeing them is that you can really tell something about the person who created it. It may say that the person has a brilliant mind. It may say that the person is worried about some of the problems we have in our world. Whether the artist is a genius or a slow mover, most of these paintings were absolutely stunning!My favorite painting was one done by the true artist in training, Jane Denison, who created the masterpiece that is “Five”. It is a beautiful part 3-D painting that combines all sorts of different shades of blue and white. At the top of the wave in “Five” is a roman numeral five that is painted with a vibrant red. I was also informed by local artist and the lady who works there, Mia Woody, that if you stand back and look at the painting you can find five other hidden five’s in the painting besides the roman numeral one at the top.Another one of my very favorite paintings was Carore Fortarel’s “Summer at Dillon Reservior”. It consisted of beautiful colors that stood out in my mind and reflected a beauty that resembled all that is happy. Although that was kind of sappy, it’s truly what you feel when you see the painting. If you go to see it you’ll agree that it is amazing to feel and see.With all of the great works of art in the gallery, there was bound to be a dud. And in this case when I say dud, I mean we hit a horrible piece of work that although looked like it took a lot of time, didn’t deserve to have the title of art. “Talking” by Marilyn Kobitz is a work of abstract art that really doesn’t deserve to be in the gallery. This may be my opinion, but I do agree that many you also think it was not a keeper. If you go to the gallery I suggest that you look at “Talking” so you can compare it to the other more fabulous works of art.Local worker at the gallery, Mia Woody, is also one of the photographers that captures the stillness and beauty of a scene. Her three works of art are “After the bridge”, “Sunday Afternoon”, and “Study of Robert Maplethorne” which is her favorite of the three because of its background. “Sunday Afternoon” is a beautiful piece that shows a regular girl in a gorgeous park. The stillness in the photo makes it one of the best photos I’ve ever come to see. “After the bridge” is another one of her photo’s which dedicates the beauty of nature once again. “Study of Robert Maplethorn” (her favorite) is actually a collage of different photos and paintings that have already been made. It shows the life of Robert Maplethorne. Mia doesn’t put her work up for a price, but if she did I am positive that many people would snatch up her photos. One thing is defiantly for sure, Mia had got game and talent, so stop by the gallery to meet the soon-to-be famous artist.This concludes my visit to the amazing exhibit at the gallery. I hope you will all try and make the time to visit Kileidoscope before it leaves the gallery. If you would like to visit, here is the information below. Colorado Gallery of the Arts 5900 S. Santa Fe Dr, Ltn (303)-797-5649 Gallery Hours Mon-Fri 12-5pm and tue 5-7pm Koleidoscope ends August 17 Gallery is free!