Mia Woody and “Tuscany Italy”


Samantha Thompson writes, Mia Woody is a professional photographer.

Mia Woody is a professional photographer. She got started taking photos when she was 8. Her older brother always toke great photos, and she wanted to be just like him. Mia’s favorite panting in the gallery she works at is “Bedroom Light” by Lisa Calzara. She has been taking photos for 48 years. Although she has only been professional for one year. Mia has 3 cameras. Two are digital and one that is great for big pictures. Her favorite kind of art is water color. That is the photographer Mia Woody.A panting that I really liked at a gallery is called “Tuscany Italy”. The artist is Ralph Nagel. The panting costs $1,400. There are a billion colors in it. In the back there’s a lighthouse. Also in the back is a tiny town. In the middle of the panting is a small river. Past the river is a forest. Next to the forest is a field. That is the panting I liked