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Brianna Jill Neumann writes, Colorado Galley of the Arts is an art galley…

Colorado Galley of the Arts is an art galley, which right now is showing an exhibit called “Arts Alliance of Littleton Kaleidoscope Exhibition”. The amazing show started on July 2 nd, and it will end on August 17 th. The galley is at 5900 South Santa Fe Drive, in Littleton, Colorado. The gallery hours are on Monday through Friday, they are open 12-5 pm and on Tuesdays they are open until 7 pm instead of 5.The gallery consists of tons of beautiful art, by artists such as Sarah Phippen, Peter Ney and Deburah Grigsby Smith. The art can be sculptures, photographs and paintings. My favorite piece was “Molly” by Colleen C. Waterous, an acrylic painting of an adorable bulldog. You can buy (some) of the art from twenty five dollars to over a thousand dollars. Some art is not for sale, like “Molly”. The gallery is rectangular, with the walls a very boring beige. But with the beautiful, eye-popping, colorful art, the beige walls fit nicely. If they were painted blue or something, it would definitely ruin the effect. I interviewed an artist, actually a photographer, whose art is on display in the gallery, Mia Woody. I’m not actually going to write the Q&A. I’ll write a summary of the interview.Mia Woody was born in North Carolina. As a kid, she moved around a lot because her dad was in the military. She came to Colorado, and when she came, it was the first time she had ever saw snow. Mia’s favorite type of art is watercolor. She loves photography too (she kind of has to, being a photographer), but she loves watercolor because, according to her, “I love water. I’m a swimmer. I like things that are fluid and soft; I like the way watercolor flows. I like the soft colors, and watercolor is transparent. If you put oil paint down on paper, you can’t see through it. With watercolor, you can.” Mia also likes abstract paintings. She loves them because they can become whatever you think they are. She thinks of them as kind of a guessing game, where you have to guess what the artist was originally thinking about.I asked Mia about her cameras, and how she got started photographing.Mia’s brother had a little “brownie camera”. He loved it, so she wanted to be just like him. The very first camera she used (the first digital one) was a Canon Powershot. The one she uses now is a Nikon D80. She also has a film camera that she uses for making big prints. Mia prefers digital cameras, but she still thinks film cameras are better. She says the digital technology still hasn’t completely caught up.Mia has three pictures in the art show (Arts Alliance of Littleton Kaleidoscope Exhibition). Two of them are still, black and white photographs, named “Sunday Afternoon” and “After the Bridge”. Her last and favorite (mine too) photograph (by her) is “Study of Robert Mapplethorpe” that she used collage and photo monage to create. A few facts you probably didn’t know about Mia:1. She took her first art class four months ago.2. Her house is 100 years old.3. She sold her car to her son, because she prefers to ride her bike and take the light rail to save the environment, which she plans to use photos to communicate to people how bad it really is.4. Her favorite piece of art in the gallery is “Bedroom Light” by Lisa Calzavara.5. Her photographs have sold for as much as $300.6. Her favorite picture she ever took was underwater, of her (Mia’s) two brothers and her daughter.7. She went to Sea World and got a picture of Shamu the whale jumping.Make sure you stop by the Colorado Gallery of the Arts to see Mia’s photographs, as she won’t be in the next show “Second Career Artists” which starts September 14 th and ends November 1 st. Have a good time!


  1. I thought that this story was ok…
    I thought that this story was ok, but I think that you added a lot of detail that had nothing to do witht he art. If it were me, I think I would narrow down the details.

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