New Reporters on the Block!


Lindsay Lundberg writes, It takes a lot to become a journalist, and that’s why we came today.

It takes a lot to become a journalist, and that’s why we came today. Some basic things we learned were; working, learning in the 21st century, photography, geography and so much more. YourHub is a website where kids like us can to post photos and stories in our own blogs then, if there catchy, coolor interesting they may be printed in YourHub (the newspaper). Our group also had a chance to meet Joseph J. Kerski, a geographer. He was born in Wisconsin, but moved when he was seven years old to Grand Junction. This very determined, funny and enthusiastic man says, “You can never get enough geography!”. His favorite part of being a geographer is for “the whyse of where” strongly stated Joseph. You can tell someone loves what they do when you hear that he knewthat hewanted to be a geographer when he was only 12 years old. “If you like traveling and other places then geography is for you!” Joseph said. Photography session included goingaround the college and taking photos of the different sessions up close and personal. After that we came out with a better knowledge of taking photos and great pictures. One fascinating woman we met today was Nichole Davis. Her role is the Stock Market Game Coordinator. This is where she gets to create portfolios to teach kids about the stock market. She also enjoysteaching the teachers how to use the stock market game. To get this great job she had to work her way up the ladder by starting in the Rocky Mountain News room, going to circulation, andfinally hearing about the NIE, befroeending up there. Nichole said “She loves doing presentations, but does not like numbers”. All her work has helped kids learn about the stock marketand helped in findinga good job.After thisexhaustive day of work we learned alot about the newspaper buissness and met new people whowe hope to stay in touch with. If you know someone who likes writing, reading and maybe perusing a career in journalism then tell them about this program!!


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