Pres Picks


Tristan Davolt writes, Tim Stump…

Tim Stump, Gina Tate, Andrew Harders and Mathew Gallaway get interviewed and tell who they would pick for president of the United States. Gina Tate, the first person interviewed, lives in Casterock, Colorado. She chose Obana. Why? Gina lovesObana’s outstanding speach because he was a fare person.She also would pick him because he believes in Jesus Christ. Gina thinks Obana will win. The second interview was withAndrew Harders.Andrew thinks our next president should be the awesome Hillary Clinton. He chose her because he thinks she has the greatest views. Andrew alsois extent because she will make Marawana legal in the United States. “A women president would be nice to have,” he said. Tim Stump was the last person interviewed. He said Edwards would be the person he would choose. Tim feels he knows him because he was in the last election. He knows Edwards will win. Finally, different people have different opinions in picking a president!