Rebecca Whitesell writes, Shingles, not roofing tiles!

Shingles, not roofing tiles!************************** My Mom has shingles, not roofing tiles but a disease that some people who have had chicken pox can get. Shingles affects people over the average age of fifty, but can affect young adults and kids too.* When my Mom got shingles, she first thought she had a bad sunburn, then she started feeling severe pain and went to see a doctor and they told her that it was not a problem where she would need surgery and gave her a prescription, and then she felt a little better. After words she stayed in bed for a couple weeks because it hurt so badly. After those couple weeks she started getting out of bed and doing her thing as a mom. Dad wanted her to slow down but she had a little energy. A few days went by where Mom had got up in the morning and slept in the afternoon. Soon Mom started getting blisters that obviously hurt because she held her arm funny, as if it were in a sling, and walked funny because her back hurt. Mom has been recovering well since then, with only a couple sick days which shows she is doing a lot better but not quite healed.* When my siblings and I had to deal with our mom being in bed all day for a couple weeks, we found it was very different for us all. We went from having a couple chores to helping run the house with our dad. When I interviewed my older sister Kelsi she said “It was weird to see mom in bed all day and I felt like I needed to help her more.” When I interviewed my little brother Carter he said “I did not want to leave her because she might not be able to get something she really needs. I also kind of felt like I was helping be a mom while mom was out of order.” Then my little sister said “Mommy was sick so I told her stories.” I felt that I had more responsibilities and wanted to help Mom more, but I knew that the only way I could help would be to let her sleep and take care of Jessica, and that is what I did. Now we appreciate mom even more than we did!* My family still has one question about shingles; will this disease become a thing of the past? With vaccines against chicken pox and shingles people won’t get it as much. Will shingles be gone? Nobody knows, only the future will tell!************************For more information read The American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia* Or go tothe web site of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at