Sparketopia: The Magical Land Beneath the Sea


Brianna Jill Neumann writes, You may not believe it, but I bet my left pinky it’s real.

You may not believe it, but I bet my left pinky it’s real. Sparketopia nestles in California. It is in a very strange place, very hard to get to. No one can get there unless they are “chosen”. It isn’t actually in California, it’s not even on Earth. But any entrance you go to will take you to California for a split second, and then you go through a looooong tunnel in a couple of milliseconds and there you are, in Sparketopia.If you go to a small beach, somewhere in California and walk 603 steps right from the main entrance to the beach (not in the water), you should come to a desolated area,where you (if you’re chosen) will find a pink and white swirly shell. Pick it up. A voice will come out of it. It will ask you a question about Sparketopia. Even if you have never heardof Sparketopia, you will know the answer. A beam of light will shoot out of the shell and slurpsuck you in (called beaming). In about two seconds, you’ll be in Sparketopia. This passageway to Sparketopia is called The Seashell Stairs, and you can only go through it once, and that is your first time. Also, if you are chosen and might never go to California, magic will make you somehow end up there. You will still see the shell after your first time, but when you pick it up, you’ll be told that you can’t go through this way. Of course, there are four other passageways, which have no limits.The first one is called Brianna’s Bridge. If you go to my house and throw a rock at my bedroom window, I’ll open the window. If it’s your first time, yell your full name. If I throw your rock back, go away. If I don’t, I’ll yell “Password?” and you’ll have to yell the password. Don’t worry, you’ll know it. After your first time, just yell your name. I’ll beam you in, using light.The second one is called Pirate’s Rope Railway. It’s kind of tricky, and requires coordination, reflexes and memory. When you are on the Pirates of the Carribean ride in Disney World (not Land!), if you sit in the second seat in any boat, when you are going down the waterfall, a rope should come down (you won’t feel it if you’re not chosen). Grab it and it’ll pull you out and beam you to Sparketopia.The next one is called Fish Ferry. When you go to SeaWorld in Texas (only there), any purple starfish can take you. Just pick a purple one up, whisper that you want to go to it, or rub it’s back in an “S” motion, and it’ll ask you a question. Answer it correctly and it’ll beam you.The last one is called Potion Pathway. Take 7 1/2 leaves of freshly picked mint and put them in a quart of salt water. Let it cool, but not freeze, for two days (put it in your refridgerator), put a cup of cherry kool-aid powder for each quart of salt water and mint leaves you make and leave it in a tree (not a pine tree) for four days. Then, take it from the tree, wait an hour and rub some all over your hands (it can be reused). Touch the ground (preferrably with grass) and you’ll just kind of…slide through time and space to get there. Like Apparating from Harry Potter, but without any noise and it’ll only take less than a millisecond.Remember three things: You can’t (ever) do any of these four (Brianna’s Bridge, Pirates Rope Railway, Fish Ferry and Potion Pathway) on your first try. You have to go to California for that. There’s one other way, but you have to be really skilled, so wait a bit. You can’t stay in Sparketopia for more than 100 days unless you want to be stuck there forever and the fourth one is not accessible if you are in New Mexico or Madagascar.Have fun!And remember: you can only get there if you’re chosen. Also, if you want to get out, all you have to do is go to Sprucefield Lake, dip your hands in and imagine going back. Don’t worry about your parents missing you, because they won’t.


  1. They won’t miss you becau…
    They won’t miss you because of a sort of time-freezing thing. While you’re gone, time is moving for you but now for them.

  2. Loved it =] My cusion has…
    Loved it =] My cusion has been there once =] But then he forgot it the next day LOL

  3. I read it again.
    I read it again. It is STILL great!! But where am I mentioned in the story, though??

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