Stevan Kalmon’s Lecture


Makenna Bishop writes, About the lecture:Steven Kolman made a very interesting point about how the internet is changing the world.

About the lecture:Steven Kolman made a very interesting point about how the internet is changing the world. He was talking about how our technology is changing us and the way we teach. At the begining of his lecture he went over very popular wesites and things that people, mostly under the age of 17, like to go to and check out. He was doing this because he was showing us that there is so much out there that can be found on the internet. this shows that the web is changing society. This is so because there are so many thing that you can do on the internet! You can talk to people and you can see pictures that people put up for others to see. You can do so much on the internet that you can do outside of the internet but most choose not to. Most of the people choose to use the internet because it is easy. Later on in his lecture he talked about the different waves of the web. The first wave was Agriculture, the second wave was Industry and the third wave was information.All of this makes sense because in the first wave not many had computerswith internet and stuff like that. The second wave was industry; most people that were in buisness used the internet then and now it’s the thirdwave which is information. Iformation make sense because pretty much everyone has a computer and uses the internet for something and most of the time when they use it they find out information about something using the internet. There are so many ways to look something up on the internet. You can look almost anything up on the internet and find an answer. The Chaos Theory. Later on in his lecture he started talking about something called theChaos Theory. The chaos theory is when a system apears unpredictable but really on the inside it works in an orderly was. The chaos theory islike a math problem… it’s really confusing and a lot of work but certian things have to happen in a certian order otherwise it won’t work. If you do the problem in the right order then it’ll look confusing but it comes out fine and senseablein the end. After comments: After Stevan’s lecture, we talked to a few people about what they thought about it.One person said that they thought it was interesting but not relevent to class room use. Another person said that it was thought provoking and they were intreged by the changes on the internet. The last person we interveiwed said that they were incredably interested by how scary influence comes to us. They also said it was very alarming.