“The Lessons of Chaos”


Hannah Duran writes, Hey, do you want to know something amazing? Some collage students did a study about information.

Hey, do you want to know something amazing? Some collage students did a study about information. They found out that in the year 2000, more than 5 exabytes of information was transpassed. An exabyte is a billion billion bytes. The informationincreased about 30% eachyear, with that rate increasing every year! Stevan Kalmon, director of the Council on 21st Century Learning, gave a speech today, July 27th,on the teaching changes that hebelieves should come, including this information that I just told you. Described by his colleagues as a great guy with charm, wit, and a keen mind, Stevan Kalmon tells usabout his teaching theory called chaos. Generally, what you might think of when you hear that word is total disorder and disorganization.Actually though, chaosoccurs when the outward look of an event is disorderly, but underlying that disorder is organization. Mr. Kalmon believes that today’s teachers should teach their studentsin a way that mimics the outside world-the world of buisiness. He started his speechwith a Web2.0 Participation Survey of how many people in the crowd were tech-savvy.Most of the people who were tech-savvy were my fellow reporters-the 17 and under group. He then went on to show us the YouTube video of the Skateboarding Dog, and then he went into the whole Web2.0. Web2.0 is his teachings of the websites. Such Web2.0 programs as YouTube, Second Life, and BlogSphere all have the same basic elements: Connection, Distributed Knowledge, Personal elements, and Narrative-experiments. He then went into explaining the “Wave Theory.” Different ‘eras’ or ‘themes’ of time. The first wave, or the “Pre-wave” was the Hunter-Gatherer of the early humans. The’official’ first wave was the Agricultural/Societies wave,started about 4,000 BC. The second wave was the Industrial wave, started in about AD 1650. The current wave we are in is the Information wave, started in AD 1955. They are already talking aboput a fourth wave, called the Cyberkinetic wave. They think that it may start as early as 2029! Mr. Kalmon showed us some pictures of shcools, prisons, a factory, and a warehouse. They all were made in the same style of architecture. We came up with the reasons that they were all the same for the sake of standardization, industrialization and to isolate. Then we talked about the Challenges and Opportunities of the cyber world. Four topics of that were the Information overload, which could make our heads explode with too much. The global society was another one. It would greatly benefit, I believe. Technology convergence and Post-Modern culture were the other two topics. He ended this influential speech with a quote from Alvin Toffler and these words: “Those are my thoughts, I hope they are provocative and stimulative.”