the lessons on chaos-learning for the 21st century


Lauren Mitchell writes, In prediction of Steven Kalmon…

In prediction of Steven Kalmon, 30 years from now technology will have increased so greatly that it will be difficult to define the difference between humans and computers.Stevan Kalmon, director of the council on the 21st century learning, recently gave a speech about the teaching methods that he believes should come into action.He calls these new methods chaos. To him, chaos doesn’s mean a total lack of organization but rather the opposite. Kalmon believes that teachers need to teach there students in a matter that reflects on our current challenging world of buisness.He started his speech by giving a survey. Yes or no questions such as “Do you watch videos from YouTube regularly?” and “Do you write in your blog weekly?”As a direct result of these questions a majority the Yes awnsers where from the section of the audience that was under 17. What this means is that the next generation is much different. they have been exposed to the use of the mobile phones, computers, and other modern day technology. “We cannot keep teaching the way we taught 100 years ago.” said Kalmon.”we must fundamentally change the way we teach.” He also mentioned that kids should teach the curriculum along with the teachers.Our society is shifting. Some examples of these cultural shifts are Network, Paradign, Narrative, and Tipping Point.Then, Kalmon went onto speak about the “Wave theory”. Different parts of culture. The first official wave, started in 4,000 b.c., was the agriculture wave. The second wave was the industrial wave, started in 1650 a.d. The third wave, which we are currently in, is called information wave started in 1955. People are already starting to talk about the 4th wave, the cyberkenistic wave. They think it could start as soon as 2029.After the speech, I got a chance to interview a couple people from the audience. Vikki Whiting said it was excellent and got alot out of the speech. “It opened my eyes,” she said. “ideas of education need to change.”I also got a chance to interview Deidre Larsen, whom is not a classroom teacher but teaches teachers how to use technology. She finds Kalmon’s topic incredibly interesting. “It’s scary to think about whats coming but exciting to think about what’s coming!” as quoted by Deidre Larsen.The chaos is coming, be sure to get ready!