Youth Journalism Day


Sylvie N. writes, 7:30-8:00 Sign in, breakfast8:00-8:30 Day Overview, receive T-shirts and instructions.

7:30-8:00 Sign in, breakfast8:00-8:30 Day Overview, receive T-shirts and instructions. Introduction to (Lecture Hall M3130)8:30-9:10 Writing for a newspaper: Meet Rocky Mountain N——– I put the schedule down, and walked up to the Lecture Hall. I sat down, and listened to a 70 minute lecture, complete with the free T-shirts and bags. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the talk with Rocky Mountain News Editor, John Temple, and Staff Reporter Kevin Vaughn. We were told about the history of the newspaper, how a daily schedule for a reporter works, and all of the ABC’s of journalism.After hiking down to the computer lab and taking our seats in front of our own computers, we met Travis Henry, of the Rocky Mountain News. We were all taught on the use of . We all brainstormed on topics, and worked on how to conduct an interview. 45 minutes later, being told to write a story on how our day was so far in 5 minutes, I (of course!) accidentally deleted mine halfway through. With 30 seconds left, I wrote 5 words: This is just a test. Oh well. The day had been fine up until then, and I just tried to shrug it off.Marching down to an empty classroom we were given a much needed snack, and had 2 guest speakers. They told us how they have loved being part of NextGen, and how they hope we love it too. We then interviewed Nichole Davis. Since this was our first interview, we only got through 7 questions because she had to repeat everything so many things.After a quick lunch, my group had an interview with Joseph Kerski, a geographer. He was really fun to interview, and one of the best things he said was when we asked why he liked geography so much (he went to 3 different colleges to get 3 degrees in geography because he likes it so much). His response was “because of the whys of where”. Thanking him, we ran down and sat in with the teachers to listen to lecture from Stevan Kalmon. To tell the truth, this whole lecture made no sense whatsoever to me. All I understood was that one day he thinks that people will be programmed like computers.As the lecture concluded, it was time for Session 3. My group and I walked around to the different classrooms, taking pictures and notes of the classes. Here are the classes we HenryGeo-Science-Joseph KerskiSMG Training-Nichole DavisNIE 101-Sue SummersSerial stories-Jan McDonaldWriting Projects that Work-Fran SajsaInquiry-based Learning-Stevan KalmonAnd here I am typing now. The day has been great so far (except for the roast beef sandwiches), and I hope it stays that way!