The ok Fazolis


Ashley Windom writes, I was ready for a nice quiet dinner with my FAM…

I was ready for a nice quiet dinner with my FAM, walking in to this Italian restaurant the waiters had to be ready for, Ashley restaurant critic. I started out checking to make sure they stayed with their theme. The restaurant did a good job at that. Waiters brought us bread sticks, also had a nice lighting and light brown paint to keep the mood. Another thing is it was little loud but nothing to complain about. Sadly I have to say the bad things about the theme; there was water everywhere because of the harsh rain. Where ever I walked there were puddles. On the optimistic side at least they had wet floor signs. Moving on to what we would need, Fazolis had everything we would need, but could be more organized. For example the lids, you couldn’t tell from the big and the smalls. Flushing to the end we have the bathroom, it was way too small. Needed more soap but useable. I have finished my dinner and I was off to do some more critiquing. Off off and away. This was a nice restraunt, but witha little more editing it well be great.