A new one


Ashley Windom writes, On July 26th, 2007 a miracle was born.

On July 26th, 2007 a miracle was born. His name was Sterling, 6lbs, 6oz., at Anachutes Hospital.Out of all four kids Stir was the only one with blue eyes, and looked nothing like his parents. The bad thing about our new arrival is that he had to have a c-section to get him out, making my mom unable to drive, which is a bad thing. It’s been his second day at his new home and I’m amazed how many diapers have been through. I know your saying what’s so magical about this baby, has probably like all the other babies, but there is something special about him that makes you think, but what do I know. By the age of one I’m going to try to get him to sing and write his a b c’s. Other plans await him while he gets older. I’m still listening to you, man this kid is crazy with her smart schemes, that is one thing I’m not going to listen to, has awesome and seems very smart so yeah.