D.C. is Dynamite!


Rachel Faulkner writes, Recently, my ever traveling family and I took a trip to D.

Recently, my ever traveling family and I took a trip to D.C. We loved it! So I’ve decided to give a must-see schedule for if you have only three days in the Capitol of the United States. Day 1 Start off by visiting the National Archives Building. Usually there is an opening line, but it moves very quickly. This is where you’ll see the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. You’ll be right on the mall then, so you’ll have time to visit all the memorials; the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the WW2 memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, and the Armed Forces Memorial. This makes a great walk, but if you prefer, there are many tours on bikes, trolleys, golf carts, etc. This probably will take you to lunchtime, and after lunch, you may want to take a tour of the Capitol building. Call ahead to your state representative and ask them for tickets. These tickets are free and the tour is amazing. This takes about two hours. Afterwards, the best place you can go is the National Botanic Gardens right outside the Capitol. These gardens are amazing! Allow an hour. For your remaining time, you may want to visit that National Aquarium. This will put you up to dinner. For eating, I strongly recommend Ella’s Pizza. They have the best pizza you will ever have, along with some of the most scrumptious desserts. Day 2 Start out by visiting Ford’s Theater where Lincoln was shot. They give talks every half hour, and the talks are worth the wait. Underneath the theater is the museum, which is utterly fantastic. Cross the street to the Peterson House, where Lincoln died. Put together, this takes about an hour. Next, you may wish to venture to the Smithsonian Museums.By the way, they are all free. Start out with the Air and Space museum. This museum is mesmerizing! Next, venture to the Holacaust Museum. I recommend it for those ages 12 and over; it really is gut-wrenching. The next museum I think is a killer is the Natural History Museum. If you like geology. you will be thrilled here. Some of the smaller great museums that you should visit are the West Gallery of Art, the African Art Museum, and the Craft Museum. This will most likely take all day. *Fun Fact* If you spent only thirty seconds looking at everything that all the Smithsonian has in all of the museums put together, you would be there for 83 years, ten days, fifty four minutes, and twenty three seconds. Day 3 Start this last day out with a tour of the White House. You won’t be able to see much, but you can say that you have been to the White House! This won’t take very long. Finally, you should visit Arlington Cemetary. There you can find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Kennedy graves among other things. Allow at least three hours. You should see the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The last thing that you should do is watch the lights go on at all the monuments at night. This is a very patriotic vacation that you will love!