My Next Door Survivor


Danielle Turner writes, My Next Door SurvivorHave you ever heard of a dog that can survive anything that wouldn’t be a super dog or a mutant dog…

My Next Door SurvivorHave you ever heard of a dog that can survive anything that wouldn’t be a super dog or a mutant dog, well that’s impossible, but the only thing close to impossible is feeling like your 3 and energetic like you were when you were young and you’re now 19 and have gone through many things that us humans couldn’t imagine happening and still feeling young. Now you probably you’re getting confused by the way I’m writing, but let me tell you, I’m not writing about a person, a human, I’m writing about a very lucky dog, my neighbors dog, Pookey. This dog is a amazing, miracle dog, who just doesn’t give miracles, she gets them. This dog is 19 years old, that’s 133 in dog years! Now that’s old, and to feel like you’re really extremely young, amazing!About one and a half months ago, Pookey had an incident, during the middle of the night. She howled and screamed, and Pookey had had a stroke! When a dog has a stroke they die, most of them, but Pookey was one that had her guardian angel watching over her that she was one of the few that survived. Her owners, Tim and Brenda took her to the vet and they had her medicated.The medication worked but for a while, Pookey didn’t want or like to move. It was difficult for her to walk, do stairs or sometimes even stand for at least two days.After some time, on Sunday, because her stroke was Thursday, the stroke wore off and she could move but everyone smart could tell that she was in pain.Tim and Brenda decided to get a medicine that would help the pain, and the medicine given, stopped Pooky’s pain and it helped her, because after a couple doses, she was happy, you could tell. Pookey would run and walk and run and jump around, as if she were a young energetic puppy. She was like a new dog after the medicine.Pookey is now on her vitamins that help her bones and mainly her stay strong and healthy. As you can see Pookey is a very lucky dog to have survived and her destiny was to live and feel young again to live the last years of her life healthy and with good memories. I know that not many people believe in luck, but if you were to have a miracle bestowed on you like Pookey did, and where luck, your life depended on it. I’m sure you believe now. Pookey is amazingly lucky, and will get to live much longer, and now you know what I mean by luck and by a miracle.