The Adventures of Beary Bear 2


Orion Pilger writes, They all dived into a cardboard box and listened in horror as they heard Flaps footsteps coming down the stairs.

They all dived into a cardboard box and listened in horror as they heard Flaps footsteps coming down the stairs.Here is a list of the colors Flap changes to: Red – Regular, Blue – Sad, Orange, Red, & Yellow – Angry, White or Green – Sick, Brown – Realizing something, Black – Tired, Purple – Puzzled, Pink – Has a Plan, Peach – Disgusted, Gold – Embarrassed, Silver – Sleepy, and Purplish Yellow – Grossed out. Flap walked into his lab and looked around at his potions. Suddenly, he spotted a box shaking. He walked over to it and opened it up. “Why are you hiding here?” asked Flap. Beary Bear, Baby Bear, and Big in reply say, “Ummm.” Then, Flap snapped his fingers and then they heard a horrible clanking noise.Unexpectedly, a figure appeared above them. It was a robot! It reached down and picked them up. Then it went over to a big wall. There were metal straps sticking out and Flap came over while the robot was holding them. Flap secured them to the wall with the straps and left to another room. In a few minutes, Flap returned pushing a gun shaped machine with wheels. He rolled it in front of all of them and pressed a button. Immediately, the lights dimmed. Strangely enough, the lights seemed to be sucked in to this machine. Then they all heard a sound that rose every second. A laser shot from the gun onto to Beary Bear, Baby Bear, and Big. They all became weaker and weaker from the laser. The machine automatically shut off and Flap laughed horribly and walked out.Our mighty heroes were so afraid that they hollered for help. They waited. It had seemed like an hour but was only 20 minutes. Footsteps came from the stairway. They thought it was Flap but to their surprise, it was Pinky. “Pinky will you please help us?” asked Beary Bear. “Yeah,” Big agreed. Pinky replied “Obliviously,” and bashed her fists together 3 times. Next, before you could say “stop”, a gang (otherwise known as Pinky’s friends) appeared. She pointed at Beary Bear, Baby Bear, and Big, and then the gang ran up to them and started tearing at the metal straps.After about 5 minutes of the thrashing and tearing, the gang was gone and our heroes were free. Pinky said, “That was my pleasure.” Then she disappeared up the stairs.Meanwhile, Flap was at school while no one was there. He was plotting and building a machine to destroy anything or anyone that was in the school. He was formulating an evil plan and needed this protection. During this entire thing, Flap was pink.The machine was a robot. It was programmed to circle around the school to destroy things and lock doors. It kept killing bugs (since they were no animals.) However, the robot deliberately didn’t lock one classroom door. This is the classroom that Flap was going to use to help further his experiments.Flap had entered this classroom and had pulled down all the blinds. Then the robot made its way back to Flap and locked this final door. Flap pushed a button on the robot. The robot’s head spun, a panel on the robot dropped, and it spoke, “Self destructing in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.” KABOOM!!! No damage was done to the robot parts or the room, but the wall closest to the robot was a little cracked. Back at the lab, Beary Bear, Baby Bear, and Big were deliberately strapping each other to the wall and zapping each other with the machine to try to get their powers back. Big said, “This is useless. I’ll call my cat.” And with that he slapped his legs and said, “Come here Yowsh!!”The lab started to shake as a cute little cat scampered his way down the stairs. Big laughed because he thought it was his cat’s excitement. But little did they know that the shaking was Flap’s creation to take over the world!!!Yowsh said, “See that machine over there? Well, you guys were zapping yourselves with the power sucker. This machine will help rebuild your powers!” “Thank you so much, Yowsh. We didn’t want to be zapped anymore!” said Beary Bear and Baby Bear while they were strapped to the wall and being zapped. Yowsh ran over to the power sucker, turned it off, and moved it out of the way. Beary Bear and Baby Bear were still stuck to the wall. Then Yowsh rolled the power rebuilder over to them and strapped Big to the wall next to them. Yowsh said, “Say Cheese!!” Then pressed the button that restored their powers.Since they had their powers back, they tested them by breaking the straps on the wall. They gently flew to the ground. Yowsh ran back to Big’s house. By now the shaking was so intense, it made them jump. Suddenly, they all realized this shaking was not from Yowsh…it MUST be Flap!! They knew that they were outnumbered so they flew to Grizzly’s house. (Grizzly is the owner of the city…a very good friend to have!) They knocked on the door and it automatically opened. But what was this?? Grizzly’s house was trashed!The doors were on their last hinges, the windows were cracked, and there were spider webs every where!! In the corner of the room there was a dark figure that started to move toward them! Beary Bear, Baby Bear, Big, and Pinky were very scared!The figure got into the sunlight and it was Grizzly!! Finally Beary Bear asked Grizzly to help them defeat Flap. “Sure, best friends” said Grizzly very happily!Meanwhile Flap was in the robot, which hade metal legs, a half metal half steel body, and steel arms with steel clinkers (or hands). On the top there was a glass dome where Flap was controlling the giant robot!Beary Bear, Big, Baby Bear, and Grizzly walked out of the building just as Flap was going to crush Grizzly’s house. “Flap, don’t hurt us, or we won’t be able to give you our present.” tricked Beary Bear. “Thanks! But wait a minute…why would you give a present to a villain? Well, never mind” exclaimed Flap. Then he opened the glass dome on the top of the robot. Beary Bear tossed a green, blue, and red package up to Flap, and the gang ran for cover.Suddenly, he heard a sizzling noise! He looked at the card and it said, “Ha! Ha! I Tricked you!” “Oh no.” said Flap. KABOOM!!! Flap flew out of the robot as all the pieces scattered and Flap turned Orange, Yellow, and Red.There is an island way, way out in the BearificOcean that is called Villi where villains can do what ever they want. Beary Bear, Baby Bear, and Big have just shipped Flap there. They packed Flap in to a rocket and then he blasted there in a cloud of smoke!