The Adventures of Beary Bear


Orion Pilger writes, Beary Bear woke up to a screaming alarm.

Beary Bear woke up to a screaming alarm. SMASH! Beary Bear slapped the clock. Now Beary Bear was brown and fluffy. Also he had a brown nose and black eyes. Beary Bear went downstairs and had his favorite breakfast, Oatmeal and Honey!Then he went to school. On the way, he talked to his friends Big and Baby Bear. Baby Bear was orange and had fluffy fur. Big was fat from eating some much chocolate, had black eyes with orange circles around them, had tiny feet and legs, has a black nose, is cute, and has light brown fur. Baby Bear, Beary Bear, and Big all have a little circle for a tail. Beary Bear smiles a lot, Big is happy a lot, and Baby Bear is emotional. “What do you think Pinky says about me?” Beary Bear asked. “That you are very intell-.” “I think that she says I’m cute!,” interrupted Beary Bear. “Big, what do you think?” “I think that she says that you are nice, but have bad breath.” And Big was almost right. What Pinky said was that Beary Bear was cute, but played with Baby Bear only.At school, Baby Bear accidentally hit Beary Bear and Beary Bear fell into a deep dark hole. It seemed like the whole day, but it was only 10 minutes and then everything started to function the way it does; but instead of being at school, Beary Bear was at a table with a napkin on him. A stranger served Beary Bear chocolate honey with some fish meat. What Beary Bear didn’t know was that the chocolate honey was a special formula. And there was bunches and bunches of chocolate honey in the bowl. Right after Beary Bear was done eating, the seat sprung him right into a time portal. Before you could say blast, Beary Bear was back at school. When Beary Bear was back at home, he did his “fraction homework” and went to bed. During his sleep, thoughts of powers whizzed through his mind and he attracted a thunder cloud over his bed. Then, the cloud rained on his bed!!! In the morning, he thought he had wet his bed. So Beary Bear went downstairs to breakfast and that’s when weird things started happening to him!A spoon was on the table and Beary Bear reached up to scratch his head and the spoon flew up to the height of his hand. He moved his hand up and down, and the spoon went to each height that Beary Bear moved his hand! WOW!!! The next thing that happened was at school. Big threw a snowball at the school bully, Flap, who is a dog that is normally red but changes colors to match his feelings. When Flap is…Red – Regular, Blue – Sad, Orange, Red, & Yellow – Angry, White or Green – Sick, Brown – Realizing something, Black – Tired, Purple – Puzzled, Pink – Has a Plan, Peach – Disgusted, Gold – Embarrassed, Silver – Sleepy, and Purplish Yellow – Grossed out. However, Flap ducked and it hit Beary Bear straight in the face. Beary Bear got SO mad that fire burst out of his fur and grew larger!!!! “BIG,” screamed Beary Bear. “It was an accident,” shuttered Big. “Well, don’t do it AGAIN!!,” shouted Beary Bear. The more angry Beary Bear got the stronger and bigger he got. Then, Beary Bear was cheered up (by Baby Bear). Soon, Beary Bear grew to his normal height and was super happy again.In school, the gang was going up in the elevator to the seventh floor (the 7th floor was their grade at school.). Baby Bear accidentally tripped and they all collapsed. Then Beary Bear sneezed on all of them. What Beary Bear didn’t know was he had sneezed some CHOCOLATE HONEY!!!So the next day the same things that happened to Beary Bear when he ate the chocolate honey happened to Big and Baby Bear. On the way to school, they fell into a hole and fell all the way to Flap’s Secret Lab.They entered the room and just to make sure it was safe Beary Bear sensed it out. Beary Bear exclaimed, “I sense something!” They all dived into a cardboard box and listened in horror as they heard Flaps footsteps coming down the stairs.***TO BE CONTINUED*****