Why-not go to Whyville?


Bailey Cross writes, Have you ever been to Whyville.

Have you ever been to Whyville.com? Whyville is an online, SAFE world where you can hangout, play games, chat (but not without parents permission first!), and earn clams( Whyville money). You can own a house, create a face, and globe trot. You can throw party’s, buy cars, go on safaris, and treasure hunts!When you first come to the welcome page, create a face. After you create a face, you can wander around Whyville. When you want to become a citizen, you can click JOIN NOW. It’s free and easy. If they ask you for a promo code, enter 9123703. Don’y forget to take the Chat License test!!! I’m sure you will fall in love with Whyville, just as I have! If you need any help on whyville, you can y-mail (it’s Whyville’s e-mail) beach1995 or go to the newbie center! Have Fun!


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