Peter Pan Prequil


Rachel Faulkner writes, A popular children’s fairy tale and movie is the legend of Peter Pan.

A popular children’s fairy tale and movie is the legend of Peter Pan. But I have just one question: how did Mr. Pan learn to fly? The same thing was asked by author Dave Barry’s daughter. Mr. Barry decided to take on the challenge of creating a fantastic story about this legendary boy. Helping him is author Ridley Pearson. Together, they came up with this trilogy… Book 1 Peter and five other orphans are all being sent by ship to Rundoon, where they will most likely end up being fed to crazy King Zarboth the Third. On the ship called the Neverland, Peter meets Molly, who informs him about the strange trunk on board the ship. She tells Peter about Starstuff that falls from the end of a comet and can make people powerful, and about how she, her family, and a group of people called Starcatchers must return the Starstuff before it falls into the wrong hands. When evil pirate Black Stache, later known as Hook, attacts the ship, everything goes wrong. They land on an island and along with natives, mermaids, and porpoises work to save the Starstuff – and themselves. Book 2 After an evil presence arrvives on the Neverland Island, Peter realizes that he must fly to England using his starstuff and warn Molly that the presence is coming for her next. But when Molly’s father dissapears and her mother is kidnapped, Molly doesn’t know what to do. Join Tinkerbell the fairy, Peter, Molly, and her friend George Darling as they search all of England to return the Starstuff, find her parents, and defeat the Shadow Theif that will suck shadows out of people and make them servants. A truly thrilling tale! Book 3 has not been realeased yet, but I believe that something terrible will happen to make Peter lose his memory, which Starstuff can do, because if you look in Peter Pan., Peter is quite forgetfull. I hope that this has inspired everyone to read these fantastic novels. They shall win your hearts over!