Wow Wow Hairspray!!


Christiana Holladay writes, Hairspray is a lovely movie.

Hairspray is a lovely movie.This is about the movie:A girl who wants to be on her favorite TV show, and her family’s life. Tracy’s boss is Amber’s Mom. The people I know in the movie are: Amanda Bynes as Penny (I know Amanda Bynes from the movie Love Wrecked), Zach Efron as Link (how I know Zach is from Disney Channel), Brittany Snow as Amber (from The Pacifier), and Nikki Blonsky is new as Tracy. She used to work at Cold Stone before the movie. The stuff I liked about the movie: I liked that it was a musical. I love musicals. It felt like it was High School Musical. I also liked that the words came up on the screen for songs. The movie Hairspray is an amazing movie, you should see it very soon. I rate it ***** (five stars).