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Erin Moriarty writes, Haystack Mountain is a goat farm where you can go and see the goats.

Haystack Mountain is a goat farm where you can go and see the goats. There are 120 goats, 8 of which are bucks (male goats) . The rest are does (female goats) or kids (baby goats) . I got to talk to Joan Knecht who works for Haystack. She was really nice and gave me lots of information. She told me how working for Haystack was a lot of fun and introduced me to her favorite goat, Cezanne. Cezanne is a black Nubian doe. Haystack Mountain has four kinds of goats — Mixed-breed, La Mancha, Saanen, and Nubian. The Saanen goats give the most milk and are always white, while the Nubian give the richest milk and they are never white. The goats live for 10-15 years, but Haystack stops breeding them at about nine years old. The names of the kids start with the first initial of the mother’s name, and follow a theme each year. Examples of themes are artists, cartoons, food, and authors. Haystack also sells goat cheese. Here are me and my mom’s top 3: HAYSTACK MOUNTAIN APPLEWOOD SMOKED CHEVRE This unique chevre is cold – smoked with applewood and has been given awards by the American cheese Society during 2003, 2005, and 2006 HAYSTACK MOUNTAIN HERBES DE PROVENCE CHEVRE A semi – soft cheese that is fashioned into rolls and coated with french herbs. HAYSTACK MOUNTAIN QUESO DE MANO This hard cheese is my favorite, and is very flavorful because it has been aged for more than 60 days. The cheeses are good but the best part is seeing the goats. To your left when you first walk in is a pen containing kids. You can stroke their heads or let them lick your hands but be careful not to get nipped. In pens further on are the milking does, bucks, and kids that have already been bred. You can visit for more information. I had a lot of fun at Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy and I hope you will too!


  1. Note from th author~~I’…
    Note from th author~~I’m sorry to say that haystack is no longer a goat farm.:-(

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