Middle school and staying cool.


Lauren Cupp writes, Ok.

Ok. So you’re entering a whole new life, basically. No homeroom, your own locker, and hundreds of butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach. If most of you feel that way about this year or the upcoming years, then listen up! I feel the exact same way. And I’m in 7 th grade!! I have learned how to not get stressed out about middle school, from memorizing your locker number to final projects and everything in between. First off, I will not tell you how to do everything exactly how it’s supposed to be done, because there is no right way to handle anything. But I will tell you this: do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it. This isn’t like the 4th grade when you had homework that was due Friday. You are going to get homework everyday, and you are going to have to turn it in the next day. Yeah, it sounds tough. But with the right binder (I recommend the accordion style. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for faster) and a planner (which you will have to write in. all important dates and when work and projects are due should go in there. ), you should be on the road to being stress-free in no time!Now, about the no homeroom thing. The only thing that’s yours (besides the supplies that cost, like 300 dollars) is your locker. BIG TIP: as soon as you get your locker combination, memorize it. Don’t write it on a random sheet of paper and just stuff it into any folder. Keep it in a safe place and finally, when you memorize it, you still want to keep it in case your dog ate it, or you drew a blank after snoozing in English class (which you DO NOT want to do). Otherwise, the worst can happen, trust me. So… now you have everything you need for your first set of classes today. you walk into a classroom and see everyone chatting. the teacher tells you to settle down and begins the lesson. first of all, get your notebook out and put the date in thetop right hand corner, that way if the teacher says, “Take your notes out from the seventh,” then,you can find it without spending ten minutes. then,any important dates, names, and places that either is said or is on the board, you should jot down. if it’s mentioned twice, it’s going to be on a test. and don’t spend the whole classtime trying to put the whole lesson into twenty paragraphs. it’s quicker if you don’t use complete sentences. if any work is assigned, write it down into your planner as quickly as possible. write down the assignment, the date is due, and the class it is for underwhatever the date you got it is. now do this with all of your other classes, and have a great rest of the day at school!Now, you have finished your first day of school and you have English, science, and math homework. On top of that, you decided to become a band geek, so you have to practice tonight as well (or you’re in chess club, or Spanish club, etc.). You don’t want to carry all those books and binders if you’re carrying your instrument (or any other things that you took home from clubs), so you decide to bring just the books and supplies that you need just for those assignments. WRONG MOVE! Chances are, you forgot about the big concert on Friday and the social studies test tomorrow. So another BIG TIP: even if you’re sure that you don’t need your science book or your protractor, bring everything home, including your binder, your planner, EVERYTHING in your pencil box, all notebooks and folders, and ALL extra binders or folders for your extra curricular activities. Also, when doing your homework, you want a clean, easy-accessible desk and/or workspace for you to place everything and to work. Otherwise, you’re going to lose everything in the mess and clutter. You’re exhausted. After doing homework, eating dinner, doing your extra curricular activities, and doing more homework, it’s time for bed. BUT WAIT! You would want to pick out your clothes, shower before bed, and get everything ready for the next day. In case you get up a little late and don’t have enough time for all that. It makes life a lot easier. Now, what is there to do in the morning, then? Well, when you’re all dressed and ready, ENJOY BREAKFAST. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Now go to school with these tips and have a great year!!