Giant Panda


Madison Paige Jones writes, Wandering around a bamboo forest.

Wandering around a bamboo forest. The mother panda finds a hollow tree hidden beneath the foliage. The perfect place to have her baby. She is ready to have her cub.Giant Panda is born, helpless and hairless. Not sure what to do next. Giant Panda waits for her mother milk.She looks like she is growing. Black spots are appearing around her eyes. The mother looks upon her with pride.Knowing that it’s her baby, she looks out for it.Watching everywhere for signs of danger.Now Giant Panda can eat real food. Bamboo replaces the mother’s milk. Leaves and flowers are the occasional treat. If Giant Panda is lucky she can have a mouse.Hair covers Giant Panda. She almost has as much as her mother. Almost. Giant Panda could pass for a grown panda.Giant Panda has made a friend, Chiao. They play together hour after hour. Enjoying every moment and every game. The fun doesn’t end, until it is time to go.One day Chiao doesn’t come out to play. Giant Panda goes to her home. Poachers surround Chiao’s cave. Not knowing what to do next she runs home. Play time is over.The time has come to leave. Giant Panda is now one and a half years old. Her mother says goodbye with a lick on the cheek. Tears well up in both pairs of eyes as Giant Panda departs.While walking, she realizes she is the same size as her mother. Giant Panda is fully grown but not ready to mate. She slows her pace. The ground here is nice. Nice enough for a home.Giant Panda has found her territory. Quickly, she marks it to let everyone else know. She will do her best to make it her home. So that she feels safe and secure.Time has gone by and Giant Panda is five now. She looks for a mate because spring is the time.


  1. This is such a cute poem!
    This is such a cute poem! I can just see Giant Panda when it is born, up to when she is full grown.

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