Stardust… A MUST SEE!


Bailey Cross writes, Want to see an awesome movie before school starts? Go see “Stardust”, in my opinion, the BEST movie of the year.

Want to see an awesome movie before school starts? Go see “Stardust”, in my opinion, the BEST movie of the year. The plot is intriguing from the very beginning! Tristan ( Charlie Cox), a young man living in England, wants to prove his love and win Victoria’s ( Sienna Miller) hand in marriage. But in order to do that, he must first find a fallen star and bring back a piece to her before her birthday… only one week away.In order to get to the fallen star, Tristan must first cross “Wall”, a long wall separating England from an unknown land. But crossing Wall turns out to be the easiest task. Once he gets to the star, he finds something much unexpected… a young woman with a stunning white jeweled necklace. Yvaine ( Claire Danes), the star, is very stubborn and reluctant to leave at first, but Tristan uses a magic chain to pull her along, very persistent in getting Victoria the star. Little do Tristan and Yvaine know that Yvaine’s heart is wanted by witches and princes alike.Three old witches are in search of the fallen star to become young again by eating, yes eating, Yvaine’s heart. Lamia ( Michelle Pfeiffer ), one of the evil witches, goes out to capture Yvaine, setting many traps, making amazing climaxes and creating hilarious moments.The princes, on the other hand, are after the star to become king. Right before their father, the king died, he set a red jewel free. He said that whoever finds the necklace that is now white and can turn it back to red will become the new king. The three remaining princes set out on a quest to find her before the other.Throughout the story, Yvaine and Tristan meet many colorful characters including Captain Shakespeare ( Robert De Niro), a fierce pirate with an unexpected secret. Soon, Tristan and Yvaine find themselves falling in love with someone who could be deadly to the other.Who will find her first? The witches who mean to do her harm, or the princes who will use her to their advantage? Or will she survive long enough for anyone to find her? When the time comes, who will Tristan choose, Yvaine or Victoria ? “Stardust” is full of unexpected twists, laugh-out-loud comedy, amazing action, and talented actors and actresses. I recommend this to people 10 and up because of some more mature humor and some scary parts. This is NOT your average fairy tale! Make sure to check out the pictures at the top. For more pictures and info, go to