Golden H.S. Welcomes Freshman and Fresh Start


Joanna Schumacher writes, Golden High School- On Friday the 16 th, countless kids made their way through the doors of Golden High School.

Golden High School- On Friday the 16 th, countless kids made their way through the doors of Golden High School. None of them had ever gone to Golden, let alone a high school. They all gathered in the gym and waited. Some were nervous, others excited, some sat with friends and others knew not one person going there. At last all the commotion and nerves calmed down; freshman orientation was beginning.”I think it’s good for the students to go around before the upperclassmen are here,” Ms. Eshleman, an English teacher at Golden, commented when asked about orientation.Golden High School provided freshman orientation to welcome incoming freshman and help make them feel comfortable with going to high school. There, teachers and upperclassmen who are MVP leaders came to help the new students become familiar with the school and meet new people. It can be a big jump between middle school and high school and Golden wanted to shorten that. “I’m happy to help out the freshman,” said Shilo Archer, a junior and MVP leader at Golden.The freshman did in fact need a little help when told to follow a normal schedule and go to their classes. In the huge wide spread school, many students had a hard time finding their classes at first. I had a difficult time finding out where I was supposed to be while kids scattered at the sound of the bell. The orientation definitely made me more confident about going to school on the first day.”These are exciting times at Golden, a lot of positive changes are going on,” said Ms. Eshleman.In addition to the new freshman class, there are a lot of things and changes occurring at Golden. From a different schedule to a new talent show being planned, much is new at Golden. However, what probably sticks out the most in many people’s mind is the brand new school in the making. Many are looking forward to moving in to it by the next school year. Until then, the new school year has already begun, with a welcoming staff and excited students.”I’m looking forward to becoming a mom and meeting all the new students,” said Ms. Garvin, a math teacher who is very anxious for both the new school year as well as having her baby.The staff seemed to have a very positive attitude and seemed to look forward to many different things coming with the new school year. Their enthusiasm and friendliness makes Golden High School that much more awesome. “I’m looking most forward to developing meaningful relationships with students and exploring all that Golden has to offer,” said Ms. Fine, a new English teacher at Golden High School. She’s not the only one. All the staff and students seem to be very excited to experience all that the Golden High School community has to offer. I know I am. What they have to offer seems endless and it continues to grow. >