“Look Ma! The Doll Is Alive!”


T Paige writes, Baby Alive Sip N Slurp is a product from the Hasbro Company.

Baby Alive Sip N Slurp is a product from the Hasbro Company. She is a baby doll who drinks juice and then wets her diaper. I was a bit wary at first about handling the doll because she is made in China, and with all of the recent toy recalls…well, who wouldn’t be a little nervous? But, so far I have been ok! 🙂 Baby Alive is a cute baby doll with both positive and negative features! The first positive is that she is pretty much unbreakable! She can even withstand my brother! That’s a tough doll! Next, it is very cute to watch her drink the juice as you squeeze her tummy! However, all people who are considering buying Baby Alive, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!! The orange juice powder for Baby Alive is NOT for human consumption! If you a buying Baby Alive for a “young mother”, you may want to withhold the juice packets until she is old enough to understand not to drink the doll’s juice! Also, Baby Alive comes with only two diapers, the one she’s wearing and an extra. I was fooled by the packaging. I thought that Baby Alive had the one diaper she was wearing and two extra diapers, to make a total of three diapers. This is a bit of a problem because after she drinks, you need to change her diaper. If she has two juice packets and only two diapers, the “young mother” will soon find out she has no diapers (or even clothing) for the little Baby Alive to wear. Hasbro solves this problem by selling additional diaper packs, but I have no idea how much they cost.Speaking of changing Baby Alive’s diaper, it is wise to wait a little bit after feeding her, to give the juice time to all run out into the diaper she is wearing so that you don’t soil her only other diaper. It seems that many people are concerned about recycling, so maybe Hasbro should consider selling reusable cloth diapers for Baby Alive. It would be good practice for “young mothers” to learn about recycling.I would recommend Baby Alive for little girls (or boys) under the age of 10. The package says ages 3 and up. I do think that 3 years old may be a little young considering they could think that the orange juice is okay for them to drink. Lastly, I think that Hasbro should consider making their toys a little easier to remove from the packaging!! It was difficult to get all of the ties undone that were holding Baby Alive in her box.Baby Alive is a cute baby doll that will last a long time with proper care. She is “bath-proof” and would do fine in the water. Once the “young mother” uses up the diapers and juice, she would be a nice toy for the tub.