Monder Day Ghost Story


Bailey Cross writes, Her name was Louisa Perkins.

Her name was Louisa Perkins. Dying of consumption, she only wants one thing. A china doll named Anna Maria, her fathers last gift to her before he died, stolen by her friend Carrie. The only problem is that she’s already dead…Now, 77 years later, Ashley Cummings’ world is coming apart. After her father died from cancer, Ashley and her mom move from Baltimore to Monkton Mills, a small place she has never heard of. Their landlady, an ancient and rude Miss Cooper doesn’t help much. At night, Ashley is sure she hears a child crying in the mysterious garden. One day, Ashley and her new friend Kristi find a beautiful, old china doll buried in the garden Then, a strange white cat with no shadow starts showing up out of nowhere. Soon, the white cat is more important than Ashley would ever guess, becoming the only link to a strange ghost world.In The Doll in the Garden, Mary Downing Hann spins a suspenseful and thrilling modernized ghost tale.I recommend this book to any girl age 8- 12 who wants to read a scary, clever mystery. You can really relate to some of the characters and situations. The plot is thrilling from the very beginning, and the writing will blow your mind. Another book you might like about ghosts is Dial-a-ghost by Eva Ibbotson. Grab a flash light and start reading!


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