Appaloosa Horses


Rachel Faulkner writes, One of the very best breeds of horses around are the Appaloosa horses.

One of the very best breeds of horses around are the Appaloosa horses. Appaloosas spotted horses, sometimes called “Dalmation Horses”. During my research of the subject, I discovered many amazing things. They can be all sorts of colors such as white, gray, brown, and black, and covered with spots, usually on the hind quarters but sometimes covering the entire body. Ancient artifacts depict pictures of spotted horses such as the Appaloosa in Egypt, China, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and Austria circa 20,000 eyars ago-2,300 years ago, but the Appaloosa was originally brought to America by the Spanish. All of the countries mentioned above loved the Appaloosa horses and added them to typical art. Appaloosas became popular with Native Americans 300 years ago. Some tribes would not even take a horse unless it was spotted, as the spots were said to make the horse run faster. The horses were trained to blend in with the background and never grow tired. But when the tribe with the most Appaloosas were captured, the horses were killed. Only a few escaped and that is why the Appoloosa is more rare today than say a quarter horse. Some horse breeders were finally able to save the last of the Appaloosas from total demoliton. Today, there are about 500,000 regestered Appaloosas in the world. The Appaloosa horse is significant in that it has a small head and as straight nose. It stands about 14-16 hands high, which is a medium sized horse. Appaloosas are often mistaked for Pinto Horses and vice-versa, but the Pinto is different in that the spots are more large blotches. As you can see, the Appaloosa horse is a fantastic and well-researched breed.