Flytech™ Dragonfly, the Ultimate Flying Insect


Tony Yin writes, When you were a kid, have you ever wanted to be the pilot of airplanes?

When you were a kid, have you ever wanted to be the pilot of airplanes? Have you ever wanted to control a high-tech robot that can stun you with its magnificence? Now, you don’t have to wait any longer for the toy of your dreams . Introducing the world’s first and only radio-controlled, amazingly high-tech, and totally awesome flying insect, say bye to all your old toys in order to be awed by the new Flytech™ Dragonfly. This ultra-light, dual-wing design and crash-resistant wonder will make you savor every moment you have with this ultimate machine. Controlled by a controller with a 50ft range, you can fly this delicate creature everywhere. No matter whether it is used indoor or outdoor, this dragonfly will simply amaze you by its slender design. It has a 16-inch wing-span and can fly up to 18mph. This wonderful flying toy includes multifaceted LED eyes, two pairs of fluttering wings, a powerful tailrotor and an elongated body that fits in the palm of your hand. This will be the toy of the century and the style of tomorrow. Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase this high quality toy and you’ll receive uncountable hours of fun waiting for you.This dragonfly is an easily controlled aeronautical wonder that is almost like an airplane. As you start the engine with the simple controller, you will hear the roar of the anxious dragonfly waiting to soar into the sky. Instead of just flying it, why not do some tricks to show it off to your friends? You can perform all kinds of marvelous tricks like a real trained pilot. Dive-bomb, spirals, and even flips are all possible within your reach. Seize this opportunity and be the pilot of your own life.