Arvada Center Museum Makes History Come Alive


Juliana Lombardi writes, In museums, history comes alive.

In museums, history comes alive. In the Arvada Center History Museum, within the Haines Cabin, two plays take place to show you what life would be like in the 1800’s. The Haines Cabin is the centerpiece in the museum and one of the oldest buildings in Arvada. Built in 1864, the Haines Cabin probably belonged to a family of six. Imagine living in a small cabin with five other family members! The Haines Cabin was moved to the Arvada Center in 1992 and shows the way a family would have lived in the pioneer days. There are also art galleries in the museum. Collin Parson, the exhibition designer, gave a tour on the museum and says that each art show takes about two months. The shows are judged, so it is a elimination process until the pieces for the show are chosen. Each piece of art must include the artist’s name, the name of the piece, where the artist lives, and the medium used in creating the piece. In the history museum itself, all the exhibits are from the Arvada Historical Society and they are mostly from Colorado. The museum prides itself on its accessibility, not just for wheelchair occupants, but for the blind, deaf and physical and mentally challenged. The museum was arranged by Smithsonian Standards, so that people can enjoy the museum more. So, all in all, the Arvada History Museum is a great place to visit, whether you are young or old, in perfect shape or have a disorder. You will enjoy this wonderful museum that brings history to you.


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