Discovering Secrets to Arvada’s Past


Bailey Cross writes, Discover Secrets to Arvada’s Past and What They’re Doing to Brighten Kids FuturesDo you enjoy learning about history?

Discover Secrets to Arvada’s Past and What They’re Doing to Brighten Kids FuturesDo you enjoy learning about history? Do you want to have fun? Are you tired of waiting in lines, being in the hot sun, and paying lots of money for entertainment? If the answer is “Yes!” to any of those questions, go to the Arvada Center for The Arts and Humanities History Museum! This free wonderland is great in many ways!Amazingly Accessible! Built in 1992 and reconstructed in 2006, the Arvada Center makes it welcoming to all, with or without disabilities. The museum meets all of the Smithsonian Standards,making it easy for people who are blind, deaf, and handicapped. “We really are about accessibility!” Collin Parson, Exhibition Designer, stated. Jerry Gilmore (Director /Art Curator), William Henning (History Curator), Bernita Christerson (Administrator), Kristin Bueb (Intern), and Collin Parson have created this amazing place all in just one short year between art displays and banquets. Parson and his team designed this museum thinking about the handicapped and others needs. The text is 18 pt. compared to the normal 12pt. For the blind there is brail. The text and most small exhibits roll or move up and down, depending on the groups needs. There are plenty of wheelchair accessible walk ways and ramps. My favorite is the display cases with their unique look. Instead of the normal display cases, each is a smaller triangle so that you can get up close and see the exhibit.Parson remarked, “I’m proud of the (display) cases. We worked really hard to build them and they are very useful.”Senstional Artifacts With over 2,000 artifacts from the Arvada Historical Society, the ArvadaHistoryMuseum’s main attraction is the oldest surviving home in Arvada. Built in 1864, this tiny logcabin was home to the Hanes family, a family of 6! This cabin was moved to the ArvadaCenterHistoryMuseum in 1992. If you happen to go with a group, you have the chance to participate in these activities–Asahel’s Trunk-Pioneer Toys-Journey West Participation Play-Mystery of Rebecca Play-Design your own Museum-and a tour inside the log cabin! More artifacts include 19 th and 20 th century hats, two VERY old flags, wash tub, old pictures and photo albums, piano, 19 th and 20 th century furniture, milk and cream separating machine, ice cream maker, and my favorite, an out-side, 19 th century stove/ oven.When asked one word to describe the history museum, here is what people said;”Exciting!””Incredible!””Educational!””I’m really proud of my team. Between five people, we created all of this,” Collin Parson said, motioning to the entire museum. “I think that this is the coolest exhibit.” Other Need-to-Know-InfoVisit the ArvadaCenter for The Arts and HumanitiesHistoryMuseum anytime between 9:00am- 6:00pm Monday- Friday, 9:00am- 5:00pm Saturday, and 1:00pm- 5:00pm Sunday.If you go now through November 11, you will get a bonus. There are two fantastic watercolor art shows going on. The first one, the 16 th Annual Colorado Watercolor Society State Watercolor Exhibition, is showing the best of the best in Colorado. The second art show, the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies 32 Annual Exhibition, is the best west of the Mississippi. For more information, visit visiting this amazingly fun history museum, you will not be disappointed!


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