Squiggles- An unique playground


Susan Cheng writes, “Look out below!” Kids screamed as they jumped off Squiggles, a playground and an outside art.

“Look out below!” Kids screamed as they jumped off Squiggles, a playground and an outside art. A disability playground started out a community idea, and Mickey McVey had the idea of squiggles. It is meant to be a playground for kids from 4 to 12 in age and with all disabilities. If you were in a wheel chair, you could wheel up and climb up the dragon. For the blind, scales had texture, and there was a talking trash can (!). Every hour, for about five minutes, Squiggles mists water out of fins, mouth and tail. The reason for this water is to appeal to senses.There are different structures for different ages. A sand area with dinosaur heads is for smaller kids, whereas a blue structure in the shape of a dinosaur is for older kids.I got a chance to interview a few people about this playground. I interviewed Sarah, a mother of two, who had a daughter playing on Squiggles. She is from Broomfield and visits every once in a while. She and her children, 9 and 6, love the playground. She said, “I like all the landscaping and I think it is fairly clean, and has good shade in the summer.” I also interviewed Connie, a grandmother of seven, ranging from 3 to 14. She is from Arvada and visits once every month. I also interviewed one of her grandchildren, Drew. He is seven and likes how you can walk up and down. He also likes that it is different from other playgrounds.”From the deep blue sea, you think of me Scales and tails and sea serpent wings.”Those are just a couple lines found in a sign near Squiggles. Located in the ArvadaCenter, I think it is an wonderful playground. Maybe someday you can visit this awesome playground yourself.


  1. I like it!
    I like it! I once went to a playground in Kengsenton Park in London dedicated to Princess Di that had a lifesize play ship, a waterfall and pond with mermaids, and a gigantic jungle gym tree house. It was awesome!

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