The Holiday Full of Beans


Ira Tandon writes, Mr.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday (rated G) is a classic, 5 star comedy.Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) won a raffle and the prize was a trip to Cannes. As he was getting on the train, a man was left behind on the station but his son Stepan (Max Baldry) was on the train. Mr. Bean and Stepan became good friends while trying to find Stepan’s father. Their adventures led them to the movie director Carson Clay (Willem Dafoe) whose head was stuffed with pride and thoughts of himself and a kind actress Sabine (Emma de Caunes) who helped Mr. Bean and Stepan along the way to find where they really belonged. I recommend this movie for all ages 8 to 80 as I laughed all the way home!