American Girl Magazines – MAGnificant!


Rachel Faulkner writes, Recently I have been reading and re-reading all of the American Girl Magazines in my collection; every issuefrom January…

Recently I have been reading and re-reading all of the American Girl Magazines in my collection; every issuefrom January 2000 to July 2007. As and old fan, I decided to dedicate a well-written piece to these fantastic magazines for preteen girls. Perhaps you have heard of these magazines, but if you havn’t read them, you can’t fully understand why girls everywhere like the American Girl magazines so much. “They really seem to connect to me,” says one ten-year old in Greeley’s charter school Frontier Academy. “I can understand myself a little more by reading them.” Each issue has good artwork and fantastic true stories in the first few pages. They host contests that get very creative and even have a special heart-to-heart conversation page on pages 10-11 of every issue. Each magazine that comew out also has a fantastic idea for fun in the season that the magazine comes out in. For example. in the most recent issue, there is an idea for a backyard summer camp. Once, a few Februarys ago, I hosted a chocolate party and got all of the ideas from American Girl magazine! Often, there are my favorite parts of the magazine – the quizzes. These quizzes range far and wide, covering everything a girl could possibly want to find out! In every issue, there is a fantastic recipie. “I liked it when we made popcorn balls and then decorated them with licorice,” recalls an eight-year old attending Frontier Academy. “I ended up extremely messy but having the time of my life!” No magazine is complete without some wacky stories, so American Girl usually includes a couple. They are very well made and hysterically funny. “A few years ago, I read a story about April Fools harmless pranks and said to myself, ‘why couldn’t I do that same thing?’ My family laughed so loudly when I played those pranks on them!” hoots a fifth grader. At the end of every issue comes a fantastic puzzle section and a behind-the-scenes page. “I would tell girls young and old to read this magazine because it really is the best magazine out there for leading girls in the right direction,” says one mom as she checks out her books at Frontier Academy Elementary Library. If you havn’t read these magazines, you should start right away!