Arvada Center, the Place to Be


Tony Yin writes, When you think of a museum, you think of the major museums in downtown Denver.

When you think of a museum, you think of the major museums in downtown Denver. Has anyone thought of the family-friendly, entertaining, and educational museum called the Arvada Center History Museum? If you have never heard of this fantastic museum, then you are definitely missing a lot of fun no matter whether you are young or old. The focus of this museum is the oldest building remaining in Arvada, the Haines Cabin. Build in 1864; this cabin belonged to a pioneering family of six. Despite its years of erosion and damage, this log cabin still has most of its original items used by the Haines family. Can you imagine living in a house the size of a guest bedroom with five other family members? For these hard-working pioneers, squeezing in a small house is only the smallest problem around. Those days of the pioneers were clearly visible by simply looking at the house. Sewing machines, butter makers, and even the stoves are all available for people to enjoy looking at right now. In addition to the Haines cabin, the history of Arvada is also on display in the museum. Pictures of Arvada during the gold rush, farming tool, fashionable dresses and hats, and other objects the pioneers used for living are also on display.After a tour of history, it is time to discover modern day art. Both the upper and lower gallery is for exhibition only. Right now, there are two watercolor shows on display. Each exhibition changes about once every two month. Everything may seem normal, but from hanging of the picture to the lighting are all scientific. The pictures are hung about 66-in from the center of the piece to the ground, about eye level to normal sized adult. Wow! What a great museum filled with artifacts, art, and tons of entertainment. Visit the Arvada center today and you’ll receive a fantastic experience.


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