Sqiggles Is Fun At the Arvada Center


Christiana Holladay writes, A lot of people liked Squiggles at the Arvada Center.

A lot of people liked Squiggles at the Arvada Center. The senses of Squiggles are: touch, hear, smell, see, and taste. You can touch the scales on Squiggles, you can hear the sounds of the trash can, you can also smell the flowers around Squiggles. You can also see the scales and the mist. You can taste the water that Squiggles sprays out of his mouth and his fins. I interviewed Zoe who said, “I think it’s neet. I think its neet because it has climbing spase. I do not want to come back to Squiggles.” She said Squiggles was a one time thing for her. Damian said, “I like geting on the dragen and climb.” He is 5 years old. Dario, Damian’s brother, said, “I like the dragon. The head and the tail are the best.” Dario is 9 years old. Squiggles is built for handicapped because you can put the wheelchair next to Squiggles and the people can climb on Squiggles like everybody else. The people in the wheelchair don’t think other people treat them differently. I like Squiggles as much as the kids did and everybody else will.


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