Diantha Diamond: Evidence Leaves Prints


Juliana Lombardi writes, Hi.

Hi. I’m Diantha Diamond and I am a detective. I’m known for my ability to solve cases in a short amount of time. My most famous case was when I discovered the connection between the thefts on Shiversnow Mountain. But, I have many more cases still to be solved. I just recently solved one case in Grassfield, one of our suburbs.I was sent out to find a woman named Anna Lilydown, supposedly kidnapped by Josh Hardishwinkle on June 2 nd. I arrived at Anna’s home and met the police chief, Garret Crown. Before he spoke, I noted the footprints headed to a neighbors house.”So, Diantha, we expect you to find out missing girl.” He said gruffly. We don’t get along very well.”I will, Crown. Don’t worry.” I said as I entered the brick ranch. I immediately stepped back when I saw a sobbing man. I looked at Crown, who shrugged. I marched over to the man, who was being comforted by Tina Reveley, a technician at the lab.”Hello, I’m Detective Diamond. How are you related to our case?” I asked.The man looked up. “I’m Martin Ethwire. I live next door to Anna. She’s my girlfriend.” He held his head in his hands and shook it slowly. “Can you tell me what you were doing last night before Anna disappeared?” I said, motioning for Tina to take pictures of the house for evidence. Ethwire tapped his chin and then responded, “We had dinner at my house. It had just rained and she walked over. We had spaghetti and she took some with her but she dropped it. I last saw her walking back to her house through the mud.”I nodded. Tina came back into the room and began to snap photos of the view. “Tina, take some pictures of the walk Anna would have taken.” I interrupted.I left Martian alone while I went to talk with Crown. “Garret, have you found any evidence?” I asked. The police chief shook his head, “No, Diantha, we only know that she’s gone.” My eyebrows rose as I thought this out. Ethwire had said it was raining and she walked through the mud. She also had spaghetti with her and there is none in her kitchen. The footprints that lead to Ethwire’s house were small and the ones leading back were much larger. I supposed Anna had walked on the street. I called for Tina.”Let’s go to Ethwire’s house and look for any kind of evidence,” I told her.Tina nodded, ” I haven’t seen any evidence in Anna’s house so Ethwire’s might be the best place to look,” said the quirky girl. We crossed the wet grass to Martin Ethwire’s yard. His house was a wood, stucco, and brick ranch. Very ugly in my opinion. I was careful to not touch anything for fear of destroying evidence. Tina took out her fingerprinting kit.We entered the house carefully. I noticed a footprint on the floor and had Tina lift it while I looked in the rest of the house.”Dia, I think you should see this!” Tina cried. I turned to go see what she needed. Tina had her footprint scales in hand. “This is the footprint that leads to Martin’s house and the one found here,” Tina held up an impression of a size 7 footprint, “And this is the impression of the ones found heading back to Anna’s house,” She held up a size 10 footprint. I studied the shoeprints carefully, before rushing to the shoe closet. “Do you have one of Anna’s shoes?” I yelled and I rummaged for an old sneaker. “Yes, I do,” Tina called back.I returned with one of Martin’s shoes and compared it to the size ten footprints. A perfect match. Then I compared Anna’s shoe to the shoe print on the size seven sheets. Another match.”Tina, hold these.” I breathed as I rushed out of the house. I managed to get to Anna’s yard before Crown stopped me. “What’s wrong, Diamond?” He asked, not very nicely. I glared at him; “I solved the case, if you must know.”Crown looked surprised before he moved out of my way. I saw Ethwire headed into an ambulance. “What’s wrong with him?””He’s suffering from a heart attack. I guess his girlfriend’s disappearance caused it.” Crown shrugged: he didn’t know all the details.”The only thing he’s suffering from is guilt,” I snapped, “He kidnapped his own girlfriend.”How did Diantha know?Post your answer and see if you have the makings of a detective.Look for Diantha Diamond in The English Manor!


  1. Ok it’s been a week:D…
    Ok it’s been a week:Diantha knew because there was only one set of footprints that were Anne’s size. The other pair was Martin Ethwire’s. He kidnapped his girlfriend because she was going to break up with him, because he was controling..

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