Fablehaven, Discover the Magic Within


Tony Yin writes, Have you ever seen fairies, trolls, or witch? In this book by Brandon Mull, you can.

Have you ever seen fairies, trolls, or witch? In this book by Brandon Mull, you can. For most people the answer is no. If you want to see the inside of the magical world, then a sip of a giant sized cow will definitely do the trick. Everyone has heard of stories of werewolves, fairies, and all those mystical creatures that only exist in our imagination. Ever since human began to dominate the world, these magical creatures started disappearing into oblivion. If you like this kind of fantasy book, then you have to read this book. I would definitely give it two thumbs up. It is a great story with everything able to connect together for a superb plot. All of the characters are interesting and the plot is intense with moments that could make you sad, angry, or rejoice. Just in case you want to read this fantastic book, then I’ll tell you a little bit about the plot. Kendra and Seth are visiting their strange and unknown grandparents; they were just expecting two boring and uneventful weeks while their parents are on a cruise. What they didn’t know is that they’ll be in for a big surprise. Within two days, they discovered a secret that most human beings thought was just imaginary. The two siblings found out what normal humans see as butterflies are actually little fairies. Being able to notice these delicacy can also spell trouble. Whenever there is a good side, there is always a bad side. In this case, demons, giants, and witches reside also in this mysterious forest. Unfortunately, their stay is a part of Midsummer Eve, a night that marks violence and turbulence. Though not told to, the curious siblings looked outside to see a baby being eaten. Unwilling to allow the baby to die, the two opened the window to find out it was actually a transformed demon. Now they are in trouble. Every mistake comes with a consequence, when Kendra and Seth woke; they found nothing but a disaster in the house. Not only was the house gone, their grandparents were also gone. Now it is all up to Kendra and Seth to save their beloved grandparents, the preserve, and the secret of the mystified creatures.Sounds great doesn’t it? You’ll have to read this amazing book to find more about everything from the rescue to the demons. Have Fun!


  1. I read this book and it’s fantastic.
    I read this book and it’s fantastic. The author even came to my school. I also like description. It’s like a summary of the book in three paragraphs!

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